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fineline 02-04-2014 06:42 AM

New UK member - WL gsd
My name is Reece and for the past couple of years i have been tirelessly searching for the perfect, well balanced all round dog. I knew from a young age i would want to become a owner/handler of a herding type breed. After much research and debate i decided upon a GSD. I have always had a very keen interest in canines and knew what was necessary and what wasn't. I am a strong believer in the fact that a animal should have a purpose and be as true to that original form as possible which these days is very rare in gsd. I have selected a gsd by elimination of other similar breeds. For example A real border collie (working) is not a pet and i do not think should ever be kept as a pet as this is a pure working animal. I was very interested in a dutch shepherd and the belgian malinois but again i feel these are 100% working breeds and is generally unfair to keep as a pet. (By this i am reffering to the majority of standard everyday homes, i know there can be exceptions). I have spoke to many breeders both UK based and international regarding the gsd, I have gathered allot of information on individual dogs, things to look for , traits etc.

I spend endless hours on PDB and working dog eu looking into dog history and pedigrees and studying what each dog brings to the bloodlines. I would consider myself a pedigree enthusiast.

I am only 21 however i have a passion for bringing the best out in any animal and have worked dogs for the majority of my life. This has included obedience, gundog trailing, herding, agility and brief protection work. I have worked with a wide variety of breeds and feel i can handle all professionally and appropriately. I have recently become a homeowner and am seeking the perfect animal to join me. I Prefer the working Line dogs (only a preference/opinion) due to their overall health, brain and working ability linking them more closely to their original roots.

I know what dogs i would love to be in the pedigree of my gsd and i have my all time favorites.

Just as a bit of fun my faves are:

Nick vom heiligenbosch
Drago vom patriot
pike del lupo nero
nick del lupo nero
manus tiekerhook
kai vongalanberg
Zico von der Adelegg
hank vom weinbergblick
ingro vom rudingen

taila tiekerhook
carlsbro quinta
Curie Galan Nalag

The above is simply because of them as individuals AND their lines. There is more but it may go on forever.

Look forward to speaking with you lot, expanding my knowledge and making new friends.

MaggieRoseLee 02-04-2014 10:15 AM

Welcome to the forum and love to hear how you are researching and learning about the breed.


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