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tetrapak 01-28-2014 02:51 AM

Hi! We would like to.introduce our selves...
Hi! Long time reader, dog owner and a first time poster

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MyHans-someBoy 01-28-2014 02:52 AM

We love pictures around here, if you'd like to share. :)

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tetrapak 01-28-2014 02:53 AM

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This is my 2.5 month old working line gsd puppy. I bought her from the vom Salztalblick kennel in Germany and she is a just a joy to play and work (very basic obedience) with.

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robeangyalchen 01-28-2014 02:58 AM

Welcome!!! She is CUTE !! :D

MyHans-someBoy 01-28-2014 03:02 AM

Oh, that face! She is adorable. :)

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anonymouse71 01-28-2014 03:07 AM

beautiful! :)

tetrapak 01-28-2014 05:47 AM

Thank you for your comments, I forgot to mention in the post that her parents are:

Kathargo von der Salztal-Höhe
Unke vom Haus Salztalblick

So far I haven't heard a single bad word about her parents, but I would appreciate if someone could share their own experiences with them or their siblings...

mcdanfam 01-28-2014 05:55 AM

Awwwwwww.....I want another!

Welcome.....keep the pics coming....she is a cutie.

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