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EscapeTheFate 12-18-2013 10:04 PM

Greetings from Italy!
Hi! I just joined today, and figured I'd introduce myself so you people can learn about me:hug:

I'm 17 years old, and I was born on March 27, 1996 in Tuscany, Italy. I pretty much lived on my own my whole life, working in villas to earn my money and the food I picked. I was raised with dogs--specifically herding dogs such as GSDs, Anatolian Shepherds and Collies. So I've grown with a love of large dog breeds.

When I was 15, one of my best friends bought me my own villa in the countryside of Tuscany, and it had plenty of land. Before then, I had taken in a stray German Shepherd that had been roaming the fields and took him with me. I named him Cesare, and he is still walking by my side, enjoying long walks in the hills.

But also when I was 15, my daughter arrived, and I had a much harder time living on my own. Two of my cousins, both my sisters (older and younger) and my aunt and uncle moved in with me. We often spend our time outside, and we have 8 dogs living on my land.

The first, of course, was Cesare, my German Shepherd. And a second female German Shepherd, Aika, who has been bred with Cesare.

The third was a Rottweiler whom I named Casper because of his ability to blend into the dark with his black coat.

The fourth was a Dogue de Bordeaux named Hawk, he is Cesare's little sidekick and is constantly following the older dog around the villa.

The fifth is a Neopolitan Mastiff named Orion who was my big sister's guard dog originally, but spends less time with her now that he has a whole pack to be with.

Sixth is a female Maremma Sheepdog that I found roaming my property just a few months ago. She was starving, had a ragged pelt, and wounded. I took her in for a little bit, expecting to release her soon or sell her to a better household, but she caught my little sister's heart and I let the dog stay, my little sister naming her Fantasma, meaning Ghost for her pure-white fur.

Seventh is another Rottweiler, female, named Onyx. Was also a stray, and found her on one of my walks. She is only a puppy, and is great with Aika, and the two are inseperable.

The eighth and most recent is my male Cane Corso named Drago. I'm not a big fan of guard dogs, however, but it seems my males scare any passerby that near their territory.

I love all of my dogs, but I'm most close to Aika and Cesare, and I've formed a greater bond with every German Shepherd I've ever met than even my own friends. Dogs aren't just there for me to use for protection, they're my best friends and I love to meet people who feel the same way.

So that's mostly me, I've never had anything interesting in my life. Anybody feel free to talk to me! :)

Mary Beth 12-19-2013 09:38 PM

:welcome: You have a very interesting pack of dogs. Enjoy the forum.

MaggieRoseLee 12-20-2013 10:48 AM

Wow, what a life!

Welcome to the forum!

HarleyTheGSD 12-20-2013 11:09 AM

Oh wow! Sounds like you may have your hands full. But I'm sure it's rewarding all the same. :) Tuscany, Italy? Fantastic! That's my dream vacation!
And you just happen to be one month and one day older than I. :)

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