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Dr0 12-15-2013 04:19 PM

Hello from the UK.
Hello everyone,

Just found this forum while searching for other GSD owners experience with Christmas trees....

I currently have two dogs, a 12 year old female staff and 2 year old female GSD. Both dogs have been raised from puppies, though the staffy is my girlfriends.

My GSD is called Alaska, she is my first GSD and my first time raising a puppy but I have had dogs most of my life. The last being a Labrador.

Anyway, hello to you all, not one for saying very much but I will try and post now and again. For the time being, I'm off to pick up some tips and look around this excellent forum.

Thank you for you taking the time to read my first post here.

Quinnsmom 12-15-2013 04:50 PM

Welcome to the forums! Alaska is gorgeous, I do love those long coated sheps. What did you need to know about Christmas trees? My experience is, place them in a corner and tie them up with nylon fishing line to eyelets screwed into the woodwork. :cry:

Dr0 12-15-2013 05:00 PM

Thank you, she isn't too bad with the actual tree but she has a habit of thinking the baubles are great toys...

Quinnsmom 12-15-2013 08:37 PM

Yep, been there too. Only unbreakable ones go on the lower part of my tree due to tails wagging too hard. Other than that, we had to practice "Leave it" a lot. My guy is 6 now so we are mostly past that stage.

Xena9012 12-15-2013 09:06 PM

Alaska has a really pretty coat.

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