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yeah they are cheaper over there but you need to know where to look blanket a lot of people are out to rip you off. And also people will sell a brokers dog and then jack up the price and make a lot of money off it. Find the source and buy from there. Just go with someone who has a solid reputation. People love to take advantage and sell a 25 thousand fearful dog and pretend its a killer. I know a guy that bought a 15k czech dog thats suppose to be a trained ppd but its just fearful but he got it off of a huge company in america that sells pp dogs. If it is a 25k ppd it should have a bunch of titles on it also and be breeding quality and one **** of a dog. Otherwise it is a stupid purchase and probably a fraud.

He doesn't want his dog anymore cause its so unstable.

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OP said he did his homework, so let's all hope that he isn't getting ripped off. As long as he's happy with Dino, that's what counts. I got ripped off when I bought my car, but I *had* to have it, and I'm thrilled that I own it. Sometimes money *can* buy happiness, lol. If you're getting what you want, who cares, it's only money. You know, "You can't take it with you" lmao.
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KLZ86, congrats on your new family member! I hope he is everything your family wants and more!

Value is a relative term, if Dino gives his family the security and joy of a trained dog, can you really put a price on it? The term "trained" is relative as well. Give Dino a chance, let the family start on a happy and positive note. Why all the negativity?

The OP sounds like someone with good EQ (based on the fact that he has gone through this thread with grace), if the family encounters any problems, I am sure the OP is smart enough to seek help.
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Wow.. took me forever to get through this thread, LOL!

Congrats on your new dog! I know you said you don't plan on doing any further 'formal' stuff with this dog, now... but I hope you change your mind. I'd also expect a 2 year old to be further along with things and not a 'green' dog, but ah well! IMO, training with a dog not only increases the bond, but it's FUN! With more training on the foundation work, he could be a really great dog. I understand the 'lure' of having a dog with pink papers, though. Who knows, maybe the OP felt that going 'to the source' meant the best dog? Either way, I really hope you get involved in training with this boy. He's started... but as long as you realize he's only started and not finished it shouldn't be an issue. Hope to see lots of pics when he arrives!

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Jag: I know how you feel. 40minutes later.... lol

Congrats on the new dog, hopefully its a great experience!
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As I said before he looks like a decent dog . I don't see any reason for redflags . In the decoy work he responds exactly as he should , no more than needed , no back up , no hackling, no insecurity . I will disagree with pets4life who felt the dog should be more serious . Why? The dog is being aggressed by his handler , there is no threat . If the dog came on heavier he would be faulty in his response. He settled quickly after and did obedience well without a look of suspicion or hostility , so a balanced sane mind.
I applaud the seller in taking the time to thoroughly going over all the particulars of the buyer's needs and using those as a list for the evaluation.
Language, dogs don't rely on language . I have had one dog trained in German for schutzhund, French for French ring and English for his home life. He spoke non of them. Same deal with a dog imported from Czech - instantly worked in English , and worked just fine thank you very much.
There is one question that I do have and that is regarding the statement that this breeder/seller does keep and work dogs into the three year range , and this dog being two years, and the breeder being a resident of Germany and caught up in the SV - German system you would expect this dog to have at minimum a BH , yes? no?
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He's a handsome dog, has a good working pedigree, and is still green. In horse terms, you could call it "green broke"... not a horse you would put a beginner on to ride. He will need more miles and wet blankets before I'd call him "thoroughly trained".

I think the initial "negativity" in this thread was borne out of concern for the OP, making sure he/she didn't get taken advtange of by an unscrupluous dog broker (yes, they are out there). If the dog was represented as "thoroughly trained", well... that's not what the video shows, but a newbie probably wouldn't be able to recognize that. Just wanted to be sure that the OP really is getting what was asked for and expected, in the dog that was just purchased.

Originally Posted by KLZ86 View Post
I understand the dog needs time to settle but I do not expect to have to re train the dog, that just sounds absurd. He will need a few weeks to get accustomed to my family, certain sounds, our routine, and yes the way I pronounce the commands but I do not in any way believe that I am going to have to be re training the animal.
Not RE-train. Continue training. His obedience is not yet solid, he is still in a learning phase. Taking him to obedience classes would be a good idea, not only will it help you bond with the dog and establish your role as his new leader, but it will sharpen his obedience, and you can teach him new things too. If he's been raised in a kennel, he may not have learned house manners yet.

Originally Posted by vom Eisenherz View Post
Having to pull a dog out of a kennel to "test" him for a situation like the OP's is a little disconcerting to me because the OP is likely to not have the knowledge of what to do when he acts totally different in a different situation, as dogs are known for doing!
That is my concern as well, hence the recommendation for training above.
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Many people push for "formal training" but that is a relative term. As long as you keep up his manners, general obedience, maintain his socialization and provide him with an interesting life, teach him new stuff etc. he can be a pet dog with an active life.
I would encourage you to take to him to a basic obedience class, just so you two can bond even though he masters these exercises probably already.
I paid a good amount for WD and although he is not perfect according to the experts he is worth every penny for me and a million bucks more.
Now, enjoy the process of getting a new dog and keep an open mind.
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Many people push for "formal training" but that is a relative term. As long as you keep up his manners, general obedience, maintain his socialization and provide him with an interesting life, teach him new stuff etc. he can be a pet dog with an active life.
The OP has stated many times she anticipates this dog to attack and/or bite people.

That is nothing to mince around with. If you honestly need a dog that will bite intruders, you better get it to training and not just basic obedience. Find a good, trustworthy Schutzhund club and work with them. DO NOT attempt this on your own, even with watching those videos, and do not expect him to bite just because.

I mean, he might. But if you need him to really do it, you'd better finish his training (and as others said, it's actually an ongoing process).
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the OP has also said he is not training the dog apart from settling in the new home for a week, he expects and paid for it to come with a high level of training as he provided a "hefty budget" for it - so from the video of the dog and what the new owner expects and he cant see the discrepency that everyone else sees and anyone who tries to say anything gets called negative......

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