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vom Eisenherz hit it on the head...people on this forum just don't see the reason to import a dog like that and pay a premium for it.

I'm very happy for OP that they think they got their dog but when you post a couple of youtube videos and people in the know are telling you nothing there is that impressive and actually its less than what they would expect out of a dog that age, one does question what they are getting. Two years ago I would've thought that those videos were so cool, I would've thought that the dog was very well trained and absolutely amazing doing those things. I had also never seen a dog trained in any type of sport or protection. A year later, I know that those videos don't show anything that great, and to make a purchase based off of those kinds of videos gets criticized.

We all have our specialties...we all have what we know and what we're good at. OP is a horse person, if I was in the market for a horse I would go to OP and ask for their advice (I know nothing of horses). I'm an accountant, if someone came to me for tax advice, I would give it to them. So when you come to a dog board, to ask people's opinion on a dog, they're going to give it to you. They will also weigh the purchase price in that criticism.

The dog world is really interesting. We purchase one, we learn from it, we get another one, we learn from it, and so on and so on. OP is happy with the purchase, I think people are just trying to say "hold your horses" a little because it might not be exactly what you want because you don't exactly understand what you're seeing. But OP will get this dog, love it, learn from it, and probably go on to get many more dogs; maybe the same way, maybe a different way.

Not sure if anyone has ever been to a conformation club/show. Those people will tear your dog apart so much worse...and not even for the training but for its genetics and the way it looks! I think the fact that OP is a horse show person they're taking this much better than someone that's never been involved with animals would. I'm sure there have been times when they have looked at a horse and said "YOU PAID WHAT FOR THAT?!?!" It's kind of the same thing going on in this situation...
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Welcome to the board. I hope your new dog turns out to be everything you wanted. Here's is my word of caution. GSDs have a high prey drive. If your new dog has not been raised around small dogs this could turn out to be a big problem. I would keep the new dog on a leash around the little ones for a while. I would be very cautious about leaving them all loose in the house if someone is not home. If the little ones get running and playing, the new dog may see them as prey. One bite is all it will take, and turn turn this whole thing into a nightmare. This does not mean that all GSDs can not be trusted around little animals. My IPO dog sleeps with her cat. But she was raised with cats, and she has been taught from the beginning that it is not alright to chase them. This board has been filled with horror stories of dogs killing another pet cat or small dog.
I know you do not want a competition dog, but if you have ANY concerns about the dog, get with someone that is experienced with training IPO, PP or PSA dogs. Don't sit on a problem until it gets out of hand. You are not going to know if the dog is biddable or dominant. If he is a dominant dog, you WILL need some direction with him. It would be like going from the short stirrup division to open jumpers. You ARE going to need some coaching on how work with the dog.
Best of luck!

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Originally Posted by vom Eisenherz View Post

What she paid for the dog is no one's business. I have paid more than that for a dog and we all have our reasons for doing so. Granted, mine was titled, breed surveyed, and exceptional in several ways, but it is what it is. Heck, I'm just thinking that if this dog is 10k, then the one year old I've been thinking of selling should easily go for 15k. LOL LOL

The language barrier comment is asinine. The dog will listen when he respects his new handler.

While I see no point in someone like the OP importing a green dog (there are a zillion of them right here in the US and she doesn't have particular requirements that can only be met with an import), I also see no point in making a federal case of it. Maybe there is something about this dog that spoke to her, the way you can sometimes see photos of puppies and have one stick out as "THE ONE," based on a 6th sense and having nothing to do with logic. Most of us are guilty of that at one time or another. Emotion does play a role sometimes.

Honestly, I'm more concerned that the dog had to be tested, meaning they didn't know him that well. (Correct me if I'm misreading this). I have a 1yr old I'm thinking of selling that I KNOW is ok with Chihuahuas and small children because that's what I live with. I also KNOW he is protective and serious, and not playing a prey game, because I live with him and have seen him in many many situations over the course of his short life. Having to pull a dog out of a kennel to "test" him for a situation like the OP's is a little disconcerting to me because the OP is likely to not have the knowledge of what to do when he acts totally different in a different situation, as dogs are known for doing!
I can appreciate the testing of the dogs. What they do is they take down all of my information and ask me a TON Of questions like what my daily routine is, where I live, who lives with me, how long Im home, if I have any other pets ect... You get the picture. My two main concerns were my son (6) and my chi's, I also stressed that I would be out a lot WITH the dog going to parks and horse shows so he needs to be socialized but keen with his senses.

So with my information they complied a list of dogs that they thought would be suitable and paired with with different handlers throughout different obstacles and high stress level situations. I think one example of this would be where he had a 13 year old girl walking my dog and a man came around the corner abruptly but didn't do anything. The next scenario was him coming around and invading her space (with intent to do harm) and the dog acted accordingly. About the 10th day they narrowed it down to 2 dogs but still wanted to do a few more things to make sure that I was getting the right fit. Does that make sense? I think you have to be very careful when you are dealing with your reputation and selling an animal sight unseen to someone across the world. I think it would be unfair of them to place me with a dog after 5 minutes of talking to me so I very much so appreciate their efforts in trying to find an EXACT fit.

As far as I was told this dog enjoys playing with the litters of puppies and is submissive. He lets them bite and pull on his tail and does nothing. My dogs are not hyper or yappy, so I am not worried about them pestering him, they are used to big dogs.

I hope that helped clear somethings up! I know I don't owe anyone an explanation but it doesn't bother me to give one. I also appreciate all the horse references ! I am a member of a horse forum and I know how things can get or when a newbie comes on the board everyone just wants to help but some can be less than tactful about it. Don't worry I get it!

EDIT: For those of you who asked this is a BREEDING and TRAINING facility! They breed and train the dogs until about age 3 where they can be sold as trained. They sell all levels of dogs at all ages. And this dog also does bite work on and OFF the leash. I have been informed of much more than the videos are showing but I can understand concern.

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Here is the good news KLZ86.

Someone will bring up a Cesar Milan thread or what's wrong with show lines thread and all will be forgotten.

Put up some pictures when you get your dog.
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Originally Posted by Jack's Dad View Post
Here is the good news KLZ86.

Someone will bring up a Cesar Milan thread or what's wrong with show lines thread and all will be forgotten.

Put up some pictures when you get your dog.
You guy's need a LIKE button on your forum!
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wow 10k i think 2500 a fair price for this dog. for 10 you can get a nice titled bitch in europe. I think people are saying the price is just not fair. THey don't want the Op to be ripped off. JMHO I do envy the OP has all that money to throw around on horses and dogs lol

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Originally Posted by pets4life View Post
wow 10k i think 2k is a fair price for this dog. for 10 you can get a nice titled dog in europe. I think people are saying the price is just not fair. THey don't want the Op to be ripped off.
Who said 10k?? LOL! Yall are funny! Not once have I said how much I paid for this dog.

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Originally Posted by KLZ86 View Post
Who said 10k?? LOL! Yall are funny! Not once have I said how much I paid for this dog.

KLZ said she's got a budget of 12k but that doesn't mean she paid that much.
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Originally Posted by KLZ86 View Post

One more thing. I called a lot of US breeders before I called the one in Germany and I was not comfortable with any of them nor did they seem okay with the fact that I had a child and other dogs. Their starting price for the GSD was about 10K and that is what my friend here in TX who also has a GSD ended up paying for his so I figured that was about the standard rate for what I was looking for. Give me a second and I will upload some of his obedience training.

This is where people have "gotten" this.

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IDK, but maybe the imported PPDs are cheaper? I met someone recently who told me their friends had imported 2, and they were $8000 each. But another member posted not too long ago that they could cost $25000 or more over here? I guess it's comparing apples to oranges....who knows how extensively they're trained, etc...

Congratulations on your new family member, KLZ86. He looks great to me, not that that means anything, but I'd be happy to have him. Who cares what you paid? If you're satisfied with him, that's all that matters. Have fun on Tuesday!
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