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Originally Posted by KotasMommy View Post
About the slick floors though, can anyone answer that?! Are stairs and slick floors really a no-no?! There's no way I could get around that!!
Well, if he hasn't had a lot of experience in navigating stairs and slick floors prior to coming to your home, he is dealing with a learning curve. Keep it positive, and encourage him to keep trying.

I don't think you should have to limit a puppy's experience to just flat surfaces and textured floors in order to protect joint health. I mean, they have to learn how to function in our homes, right?
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Ok, I have to share this!! Kota just in this past hour is doing to me what he was doing to my son, ...except his tail is actually wagging. Anyways, he just got my hands and feet and side etc pretty good with a "nipping" attack. I have sharp puppy teeth scratch marks all over me now and I kept saying " No!" firmly and pushing him down to a seated positions and when I said "ow" he just kept going harder. My husband made him stop by grabbing his mouth and teling him "No!" and giving him is rope. So, I've been googling how to stop puppy biting ( and CLEARLY now it wasn't aggression yesterday) and google took me to an old thread from here actually. I was about 5 pages into and noticed all the advice about saying "IPE" instead of ow. I was just about to tell my husband about that when Kota started nipping me everywhere ( and hard!) and I held in my "ow" and screamed IPE and HE STOPPED!! Instantly! and laid at my feet! I told my husband that I feel like the dog whisperer lol or like I did a magic trick! hahahaha I cannot believe that actually works! LOL
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Wow, that is interesting. Just curious, do you say the "Ipe" in a higher tone of voice or do you keep you voice deeper?

I would love to know if it continues to work, or if he will begin to ignore it. I hope it continues to work, it would be a great training tool, I think.
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It doesn't work with every puppy, but when it does, it does! For me, it had to be LOUD and SHARP, enough to startle the puppy. And the second he stops, you should praise him lavishly. Redirecting to a toy is very effective too, and that worked with the puppies I've had who got even more worked up with the yelp. Not all techniques work with all puppies, so it's sometimes a process of elimination to see what's most effective.


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I think a good game of tug is great for getting the pups oral urges out(until teething is going on) Most puppies love it and it is a mental and physical work-out. I agree with redirecting to a toy. For some odd reason none of my pups were flesh biters...they were fine with something stuffed in their mouth, it was never an arm, ankle or hand.

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Because I was concentrating so hard and not saying OW! LOL, I don't even know if I raised the pitch of my voice or not hahaha. I did scream it pretty loudly....cuz that hurts! My husband looked at me like I lost my mind hahaha. Kota stopped immeadiately. I was in too much shock to go straight to praise, but then I told him "Good boy!" and rubbed him. I will def let you know if this sticks!! For right now, it's the best magic trick ever!!
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I hope this link works. Here are some pictures of kota from the back.

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looked at your pics, and again I wouldn't worry about hips at this point, alot of puppies are gangly, out of proportion, clutzy etc at this age and beyond for a while.

Vets certainly can't "look" at your dog and say he has bad hips..You'll find I think alot of vets have preconceived notions about gsd's, if they walk funny, look funny, they immediately have bad hips.

As for the slick floors, how about some cheap throw rugs and put them down for awhile?? I know my aussie took a digger on my kitchen floor and dislocated her hip

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Poor boy I would be freaking out if my dog's legs were like that even though I not experienced.. It just doesn't look right. By the way does anyone know the age the pup should not be clumsy and at what age HD starts to show signs I mean I know it depends on severity but any experienced dog owners have stories? The reason I ask is because when I got my pup her hind legs looked so weak but obviously I didn't ran to return the pup even though I had her for a few hours ... After that the pup got stronger but she was doing the lazy sit which I understand is common for pups. The vet said its too early to tell but he did notice weakness kind of like lameness. She is now 7 months old and almost never does lazy sit looks somewhat weak on her hind legs she doesn't run as fast as other dogs I have seen.. She is jumping and doesn't mind the stairs... I hope she doesn't have HD just because her hips look suspicious (weak)
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I am curious if you read the link about HD and cause being related yo deficiency in collagen....I think I posted this further back in the thread

Hip dysplasia is not a “genetic malformation of the hip socket”, as commonly thought, but rather a weakness in the ligaments that support the hip joint. This allows the ball of this ball-in-socket joint to bang away at the joint surface, preventing the socket from forming properly. In other words, the instability created by weak supportive ligaments keeps the body from being able to manufacture a deep, smooth hip socket for the ball to fit snuggly into, resulting in the flattening of the acetabulum (hip socket) and a squaring of the femoral head (the ball). The sockets are shallow because of repetitive trauma to the developing bone (micro-fractures), which prevents the weight-bearing surface of the hip joint from forming properly. These changes worsen drastically as the cartilage covering of the joint wears away and bone-on-bone contact occurs, leaving them with the characteristic signs of the osteoarthritis we see in radiographs of affective dogs.

So in thinking outside the HD box and considering proccessed food is devoid of live enzymes and essential amino acids and natural vitamins and minerals, suffice to say, that even if a dog can survive on kibble it does not thrive. Loose ligaments, connective tissues, weak muscles will all lend to HD or malformation of bones and destruction of nerve endings causing pain.

This is and early warning sign tha needs to be corrected with diet.

When you factor in artificial (man-made) vit. and minerals that HAVE to added to meet AAFCO's BARE MINIMUM nutritional profile do not think that this suits ALL dogs. Further to this, once the food is cooked and processed it looses the nutritional co-factors that aide in all the little processes that happen within the body that are required for optimal health.

Artificial additives are only utilized in part - so if a nominal amount is added, and only part of that is used, then the dog is malnourished.

Further to add insult to injury, these artifical nutrients produce a by-product that taxes the liver further degrading the body's ability to produce the enzymes to convert foods for uptake to build on. The same goes for human multi suppliments like centrum and the like.

ALSO....these premixes are mostly from china which is fraught w/all kinds of issues - even in the best foods. And won't even get into the questionable ingredients that go into these pet foods...one thing is certain...Dog food companies do not have strict guidelines, they can use "natural" ingredients on their packaging they can use "holistic" and they can use "organic" IF at least 3% of the contents are in fact organic - THAT's 3% not a typo...what they can not say is "fit for human consumption" unless it truely is.

Switching your dog to a biologically appropriate diet with 100% of the amino acids and enzymes is the only true way to restore your pup to optimal health.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. - Unknown
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