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adas 08-26-2014 02:28 AM

Nimai is back
Aloha, all. I have not been on this forum for quite awhile. Maybe even almost 2 years ago.

Back then we established that Nimai (male now 3yrs old) was unpredictable and a NERVOUS dog and could bite. Now the opposite is true, he has mellowed out and is totally velcro. He follows the same routine every day to the letter and you could set your watch to it. A bit frustrating is that he knows commands and also knows how far he can push me to not obey. (sometimes he feels commands are "optional" if he has something better to do such as chase feral cats or mongooses). He is a great protector only because of his size and that fact that he looks like a "police-dog". I have never had a perp. here on the property, yet all around my property businesses are getting broken into a lot.

Now the question: I need to get a command into him that he will go into alert and act scary. (sorry that was the easiest way to say it). Right now he is so mellow, a thief could come up to him and he would wag his tail and lick his hand.

I got him to get totally scary when I am in the swimming pool and we are playing (he loves getting splashed) and I say the command "Nasty". He goes nuts into an attack stance, then I say "Quiet" and he is mellow again.
But this only happens in the swimming pool.

(to validate this need, I will mention something that recently happened.

A thief broke into the neighbors' construction yard and was in the process of stealing batteries from vehicles. I happened upon him by accident and was alone --remember I am in a wheelchair and an 11 year old girl could probably subdue me.-- but by luck the thief asked "your dog will not bite will he, and i quickly responded, only if I tell him too". That was enough for me to get the upper hand and the thief to make some excuse that he found some old batteries on the side of the fence and then he got in his car and quickly left. The situation could have easily gone a different direction as he probably was a druggie. It would have been much more re-assuring since I had Nimai by the collar that he acted "nuts" on command.

How do I translate that for him to get into this same "protective stance" when not in the pool area?
Should I abandon the command "Nasty" as this is a command associated with the swimming pool and Nimai thinks "there is not water and he is not about to splash me, so what the heck is he wanting?"


Mary Beth 08-26-2014 09:20 PM

Nimai's size and breed are more than enough to scare people away. As happened with the thief. If you want more, I suggest you teach him to bark on command. But don't use the command "speak" instead something more scary like "sick'im" or "fass" (the German command for atak) . Also work on the quiet command.

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