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Contego 06-25-2014 09:35 AM

obedience and HD
As we begin our journey with HD, I find myslef wondering about how hard it is on Tego to do sits and downs. He knows what to do but isnt perfect as we still have a bit of puppy ADD going on. Anyways, I feel bad to make him do it repeatedly because it looks hard on him, the getting up and down. Obviously I want him to learn to do it flawlessly but more importantly I want him to learn to stay, which is difficult because it would be easier to teach in a sit-stay or a down-stay rather than him standing up and being able to move around freely.

Anyways, what kind of training ideas did you adopt for your dysplastic dog? He has excellent recall, he hardly leaves my side, but I would like to have basics such as this for when/if we get into any sticky situations.

Mary Beth 06-25-2014 09:12 PM

I would train in very short sessions with very little repetition. For teaching the stand/stay, try putting your hand against his chest, hold your other hand up, and then back up only a little bit while holding a treat in your hand that is up. At first only back up 4 ft. or less - then come back to his and give him the treat. Gradually increase the distance.

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