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belladonnalily 03-08-2014 06:55 PM

Loud young male and people
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Tucker is almost 11mo. He likes people and other dogs, but we are working on not being so vocal with his excitement. I have drastically curbed his greeting new people and honestly he doesn't seem to care so much any more about meeting them, but just gets excited around groups of people and new experiences.

Today after hiking we stopped at a general store and walked across to a small public trout pond. Lots of people fishing. Lots of young children. But pretty quiet as they WERE fishing.

Within 2 minutes he was completely wound up. Screaming, talking, howling, you name it. He is not only huge, but LOUD. Controlling him wasn't an issue otherwise, but we retreated back across the street before someone threw us in the pond :o

I went back to the truck and put on his ecollar and went back to hang out at a distance. Right now we use a very low setting and that works for everything else, but a few corrections and he still didn't know I existed.

So, I cranked it up, so to speak (still at less than 1/3 of the highest setting and he listened. We then did some general obedience and went in closer before we called it quits.

I admit to feeling bad about turning it up, but he was being a complete jerk.

Was using the ecollar ok in this situation? I didn't have time to call my trainer and talk thru it obviously. I had to make an executive decision and he is almost a year old. With the amount of hiking and traveling he's already done, this shouldnt have been an "Oh my!" experience for him.

And of course now I'm second guessing myself. I guess I could start duct taping his mouth shut...

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belladonnalily 03-08-2014 06:58 PM

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Here is pic on our hike before he went lunatic.

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boomer11 03-08-2014 07:11 PM

Once the dog is over threshold his mind is over stimulated and he isn't learning anything. So you weren't teaching but punishing him. Nothing wrong with a needed punishment but it needs to be completely clear and concise to the dog why he is getting punished. Not really sure punishing a dog for being excited is my cup of tea though.

Once we were walking along a river bank and I was so focused on a conversation with my friend that my dog saw a guy fishing and literally swam into the water and tried to get his orange fish bobble. I apologized profusely but the guy didn't look happy at all. I'm a fishermen myself and I would've been pissed! It's hard enough to catch fish when it's completely quiet.

belladonnalily 03-08-2014 07:43 PM

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Boomer, thanks for your reply. That's kinda what I was thinking afterward.

FWIW, the corrections were for not listening to sit, down, etc. I was attempting to get his focus back on me. Snd I always carry treats so there was plenty of reward when he finally loojed at me and listened. Not sure it was that clear to him though as to the corrections.
How would you go about working thru this issue?

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