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Botox 03-04-2014 02:24 AM

I know this is really stupid lol, but my puppy Archon just doesn't really play tug at all. She just sits there and I feel like she is thinking, you really want me to sit here with this in my mouth and goes for her tennis ball. It's kind of funny really. Though she really likes playing with me, wrestling and what not and playing fetch with her tennis ball. Tug doesn't appeal to her at all.

Charlie W 03-04-2014 02:30 AM

I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice re: getting her to tug. I had a similar problem with my girl as a pup.. She has occasionally enjoyed a game of tug, but not in the way that previous dogs I have owned have. It may be an age thing, but you may have to face the possibility that your girl might never really take to it..

Shade 03-04-2014 07:25 AM

Dogs have their favourite toys and types of play just like humans. You can encourage her, she may learn to love it or may not :)

onyx'girl 03-04-2014 08:46 AM

She's not teething or has mouth pain, right?
Have you used a flirtpole with her? That sometimes will get a pup to tug as you aren't as close to them which can inhibit them. Some pups have had so much 'control' put on them, they think challenging(tugging) is a no no.
And many tug toys aren't as fun as others, so experiment with different textures/toys and see what works best.
Two of my dogs never really like to tug, though with some work, I've gotten Kacie to do it. Onyx still defers and lets go, unless it is playing with one of the other dogs, then she'll try to win.

Botox 03-04-2014 11:27 AM

Onyx i think she still has a few weeks of teething to go, the vet said she already some of her adults so maybe that's it I just thought it was a funny thing to ask, thought I'd see what other people said :) it doesn't bother me it's just kind of one of those things any dog I have ever encountered has loved tug, though every other dog I have encountered has also been an adult. This is my first dog/puppy of my own :P

Sp00ks 03-04-2014 01:03 PM

That resembles what I get when I throw the ball. "what did you throw it for? I was chewing on that. Let me know when you get it back"

Slowly we are getting a few chases before he watches you throw it and gives you that "Really?" look.

Botox 03-04-2014 01:27 PM

She also loves her antler haha, she's helping me study for my exam. :) But yea I know the "really" look.

Baillif 03-04-2014 01:33 PM

Retrieving and tug can easily be two parts of the same game. For dogs that like retrieves but not tug i throw the tug to get them into it and usually they get possessive and you can use that to create some tugging and reward outs with retrieves. For dogs that like to tug but not retrieve reward retrieves with tug. Either way its not that big of a deal as long as your dog enjoys one of the two it can be used to reward.

Botox 03-04-2014 02:02 PM

Bailiff, thanks! I never have really thought to throw the tug. I do train with the ball as a reward so she isn't so dependent on food treats. I'll try that though, thanks for the advice!

B&Cgetapup 03-04-2014 06:46 PM

Sometimes we have to drag the tug rope along the ground like one would a cat toy to get more interest. Ours doesn't quite like fetch and doesn't quite like tug so we end up with some of both!

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