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Originally Posted by jocoyn View Post
FWIW, Leeches are now a widely accepted medical tool as are maggots
Right, but I didn't bring those up because they actually have physical effect on our body...water is an inert substance. Leeches are great for thinning blood, maggots are incredibly effective and precise at removing dead flesh.

Treplaning - well we know that pressure on the brain kills brain cells. Primitive technique but they were doing it for the right reasons.
I think originally this was done to "let the evil spirits out" wasn't it? I may be wrong on that one. But, yeah, in a very few cases, they actually were doing the right thing because the reason the person was "acting possessed" was increased pressure on the brain.

Well, I have a graduate degree in chemistry and went to a seminar where an improved response was seen at an incredibly low dilution of a drug
But, was the drug still there, in a mathematical sense? Homeopathic dilutions generally surpass Avogadro's limit (in this specific sense, a ratio of water to active substance beyond which no amount of the original active substance is capable of existing).

And beyond that, it was an actual drug, intended to target a specific ailment - some of these homeopathic remedies use things like red onion to treat hay fever. Now, at least in that specific sense, the two forces acting to make your eyes run are 100% different...that doesn't even follow the whole "like cures like" mantra. I don't know if there's maybe an anti-inflammatory in onion, perhaps, but in that case I'd be wanting to eat an onion...not drink a vial of water that used to have a tiny bit of onion in it =/.
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Completely bizarre thing to join a board just to rant about.

Sometimes it works. Sometiems it doesn't. If it's not hurting anything, just let it be.

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I wish I could remember the exact details. I do understand the homeopathic agent is actually an extreme dilution of a substance which causes the problem as opposed to a drug which supresses symptoms. Even so - it is intriguing - if we look with newer insights in quantum physics......Not a student of this..........my point is it seems intriguing and my main point was we see what we want to even when we think we are being completely objective.


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holistic good

i am going to school for holistic therapy in nutrition. we use holistic in the sense that we (or in this case a dog) is more than the sum of it's parts. you can't focus on a symptom....i.e taking advil for a headache. what is causing the headache in the first place??? an organism is tied together-one function can't function properly without another function etc. when we provide our bodies (or our dogs) with everything they need: nutrition, mind works, exercise etc. the dogs should balance out-their bodies know how to keep themselves balanced, but they can only do this if supplied everything their body needs.

i could talk about this forever. but that's my view.
as for homeopathy treatments-research and research, what may work for one may not work for another. for example someone mentioned chinese medicine. well that's great for people over in china whose bodies originated differently all together.....may not really work for us westerners.

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Originally Posted by bite_me View Post
If anyone has studies showing a proven improvement in health after homeopathy in humans or animals please provide them. Perhaps my tone is too agressive but this comes down to cases such as the one I mentioned.
You made a huge, unsubstantiated claim that all homeopathic remedies are ineffective so I think you should be the one to provide supporting documents.

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Originally Posted by bite_me View Post
I just though I would make a case against the use of homeopathy. Homeopathy is widely understood not to work in any medical context, and this has been consistently proven using scientific studies which prove no correlation between the use of homeopathic remedies and positive health effects, let alone cure of ailments.

It is very fashionable, as are most "alternative" "medicines" (not a typo)

I'm not suggesting that concentrated medicine diluted with water is homeopathic. Many helpful medicines are.

If you use homeopathic remedies you are wasting money and failing your pet, this is the only reason I adress this problem.

Please do some research from independant sources before using such methods, your dog will suffer from your delusions if you choose not to.
Too funny - do you work for a large pharmaceutical company which feels threatened by people who actually want to pursue other options? Methinks you started this in the hope of getting a rise out of the (intelligent and well informed) people on this forum who have had quite a bit of success with homeopathic/holistic medicine (I'm one of them.) If you have tried it and are disappointed, that's too bad. It tends to work slowly, which doesn't sit well with people who wanted to be cured yesterday.

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Ok so I have been accused of being stupid and trolling this site. This is not true on both accounts, I have a legitimate interest in GSDs as can be observed with my other posts. It irks me that dogs (and people) suffer from their minders delusions. Homeopathy is the same as faith-healing, voodoo, witchcraft and many other "alternative medicines"

Well ok then, here are some findings of an official NHS homeopathy study (after investing millions in developing the field)

full report with extensive referencing etc;

there are plenty of other reports available with the same findings.

This is CONCLUSIVE evidence. If you don't trust the "science" you should refrain from making your views public, they are irrationtal and idiotic, go to "creation.com" or an anti-vaccination website if you want an equally unintelligent audience who will be sympathetic.

Here is a few examples of the findings;

29. The answer to why a medicine can be effective without being efficacious lies with a
phenomenon known as the placebo effect.
30. There is extensive scientific literature on placebos and the placebo effect.33

We conclude that the principle of like-cures-like is theoretically weak. It fails to
provide a credible physiological mode of action for homeopathic products. We note

that this is the settled view of medical science.
We consider the notion that ultra-dilutions can maintain an imprint of substances

previously dissolved in them to be scientifically implausible.
154. We welcome the Government’s acknowledgement that there is no credible evidence of
efficacy for homeopathy, which is an evidence-based view. However, the Government’s
view has not translated into evidence-based policies.
155. The NHS funds homeopathy and has done so since 1948. We were disappointed that,
in light of its view on evidence for homeopathy, the Government has no appetite to review
its policies in favour of an evidence-based approach. The Government was reluctant to
address the issues of informed patient choice or the appropriateness and ethics of
prescribing placebos to patients.
In our view, the systematic reviews and meta-analyses conclusively demonstrate that

homeopathic products perform no better than placebos. (Paragraph 70)
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Perhaps because too many people have experienced unexplained benefits in their own lives from a homeopathic remedy to be so quick to write them off.


And personally, I think it is quite rude to jump on and tell anyone who does not hold your opinion that they are delusional if they don't hold with it. Last time I looked nobody was holding your feet to the fire demanding you give your own dog homeopathic remedies.


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There was a time when acupuncture was considered to be bunk. Modern Western Science still cannot find and identify the body energy paths that acupuncture treats, yet there is plenty of evidence that it works.


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for the longest time many modalities that we view as "alternative" WERE the mainstream medicine.
Had lunch with my sister (astronomer with the UofT dept of physics and astronomy ) and several astro physicists last year --- lots of chatter about quantum physics and now 11 or 12 dimensions , no longer 3 or 4 .
Want to expand your mind? have a look at Closer to the Truth Cosmos. Consciousness. God. | Closer to Truth

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