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our dog rocky was like a pup since the day we adopted him. he was 8 years old. we have children now 10 & 13. i have had gsd through my life & loved them. one died of bloat at 10 & other at 12. i was hesitant to adopt an older dog, but he won all of our hearts. he is now 10. he has had no symptoms of illness, but a week ago he started limping. we noticed he had a growth on his back paw. the day of his vet visit last monday, his leg swelled twice the size. the vet knew right away what it was but still took xrays & bloodwork. she told us that he has cancer of the spleen & it has spread throughout his body & there is nothing she can do. he has anemia & his blood cell count is way off. he is on meds & his swelling is going down. he is his old self again, playing with balls & giving hugs & lovey eyes. my daughter cried from when she heard after school at 3:30 until her bedtime about his prognosis. i cried 2 days straight. what can we reasonably expect? especially since he is his old self again. this is so sad & unexpected.
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I am sorry to hear you are going through this (I saw you posted on the thread about Cyra as well) ..... the good news is it usually seems to be painless. Some dogs just die all of a sudden others take a day or two or even longer with periods of bleeding, recovering then bleeding again, I am not sure there is any definitive path but we are talking not a long period of time - So be prepared with your kids.

We put our Toby to sleep when he got hemangio because he simply quit eating and got very depressed and could not be coaxed to eat anything. Cyra was absolutely fine until the morning before she died the next night. The only way I knew something was up was she was not diving into her food as quickly as normal and did not jump in the air to chase the ball that morning.


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Well i am in need of some support right now. Im feel like im fighting with the devil. My 3 and a half female Greman Shepherd Winnie has been fighting for life for a year now and we have been to 3 vets and the vet school Iowa state. And now $4000 spent and still no answers and all my funds are out. How do i decide when to end her life? She was treated for ehrlichia canis and Winnie won. For a year now she has been battling something that no one seens to know what it is. She is borter line Addisons Disease im told and has no tumers blood work looks good all organs look good heart is slightly inlarged but vets are not concerned. The only thing that is keeping her alive is 80 mg of pred.If she is off pred she swells up and cant walk and wont eat. HELP!!!!

RIP Mar-D my black beauty
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I'm so sorry that you and your dog are going through this. I lost my 13yr old German Shepherd in December 2011, from lymphoblastic lymphoma. The vet originally gave him 3 months to live, but we were blessed to have him for 6 months before he succumb to his cancer. I believe his will to live and his diet gave him an extra 3 months of life. I cooked for him everyday, he ate a high protein diet with no grain. I also added vegetables, fish oils, yogurt and cottage cheese. I found the research that I did on cancer diet for dogs to be very helpful.

Someone shared with me a wonderful piece of advice that I would like to share with you. "Your dog doesn't know that he's suffering from a terminal disease, but he does know when you're sad and grieving. Enjoy every moment that you have with him and save the grieving when he's no longer with you."

Best wishes for you and your dog.
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just reading thru the tread, i lost my boy, he was just a little over 11 and a half. the vet said he thought he had bone cancer. he started out not being able to poop, i took him in they said inflamation of the bowels, he went thru 2 rounds of med for this but seemed ok. then he started not eating dry food, except his milkbones,then those also. then he started refusing wet food, would only eat like chicken or burgers. he hurt his leg, which the first time they xrayed said it was arthritis, and with his age, didnt recommend fixing his knee, (he had had the other knee fixed when he was 5 or 6). they had also checked his teeth and cleaned them, we thought maybe had a bad tooth why wasnt eating dry, but they said his teeth were fine. he'd also had his yearly shots right when he started not to eat. they put him to sleep to clean his teeth. the xray with the tumor was taken only 3 weeks after the first one. he had become so lame, not eating, and his little bottom seemed swollen. i just wonder reading thru the tread about all that. we went ahead and let him go on that last visit.
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Might be Cancer?

I'm new to the forum. I found it while I was googling following an appointment with my vet today.

About a month ago my 6 year old GSD was diagnosed with Lupus. We got him on steroids and antibiotics and started to see improvement with his Lupus symptoms... unfortunately he continued to lose weigh despite being on high steroid dosages. At our last appointment the vet drew blood and found that his liver enzymes were "through the roof", and she said that it wasn't the enzymes that would be effected by steroids. She said that "even if it was, the levels were too high to have the steroids explain that." At the last visit she also noticed that his front legs are severely hyperextended... it almost looks as if he's walking on his elbows, something that he's never done before.

We went today for an x-ray and she found that his liver was "severely enlarged" and also that his spleen and stomach are either enlarged or just displaced because of the liver.

She said that she "wasn't ready" to diagnose him with cancer yet, but that the multitude of symptoms is indicative. Has anyone else seen symptoms like this in their dog? Either with cancer or something else? Merlin has been an incredibly healthy dog his whole life, so I'm kind of thrown for a loop having him suddenly be so sick.

I appreciate any feedback you all have.
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Thank youall for support. I have not been on here for a while. We had to put Rocky down about 3 weeks after his spleen cancer diagnosis. May 4, 2012. he had a horrible night before - was up all night unable to walk well & falling all over & bumping into things - seemed to be running away from something & very scared. it was awful. we stayed up all night trying to comfort him & knew the next day that it was his time to go. that was a very difficult decision. we were all devastated. we loved him so much. it all happened so fast. i still get choked up when i talk about him.

over the summer we adopted a stray mix from a shelter. she is so sweet. we do miss GSD's so we decided to look for another. we have been working with the same rescue group that found rocky for us. today we took our mix & met a nice boy who was so sweet & respectful of our dog misty. we think he is the one for us & are in the process of adopting again!
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swilber "

Hi, I need some advice. I have a 6 mos old GSD. He is healthy and active and not showing any signs of pain. Two months, I felt a hard lump between his shoulder and neck. I asked the vet and he told me to keep an eye on it. Its the size of a golf ball and its hard and does not move. Some days it seems to be bigger then others. Sometime I have a hard time finding it and then its there! My vet told us on Saturday that it is Osteosarcomo. He suggest just letting the dog live out its life because regardless of what I do he will die from this anyway. He also said that removing the lump will only make the cancer spread to his lungs faster. I am devastated but I am having a hard time accepting that my 6 month old GSD has had Osteosarcoma since he was 4 months old. I have searched and searched and I have been trying to find anything to let me believe that it is not cancer. The doctor said it is too hard to be a lymph node. Everything that I have read said the youngest known age to have this is 2 years? I think he has a secondary yeast infection right now from antibiotics that I had him on for ear infection. He has been itching and has a small spot on his head that was crusty. Has anyone experienced anything like this? "

this may very well be an injection site reaction to vaccination.

you can have the lump biopsied .

Dogs Naturally Rabies Vaccination: 13 Ways to Vaccinate More Safely Dogs Naturally Magazine



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I did not realize this thread was this old .

Cancer is a serious problem .



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Very sorry for your loss LoveSea. I'm sure Rocky was a great friend. My ould pal jasper, a Rhodesian/lab cross passed away due to hemangiosarcoma in November also. Very very tough time, hard to accept as we only realised it was cancer when his spleen ruptured. Your reply struck a chord with me, when you said you still get choked up when you talk about it. I understand, I do the same when I remember that night I had to go through it.
I'm sure all of us with dogs who have been taken due to cancer understand the upset and confusion when it happens. Great memories of such a loyal friend though always cheers me up!
We've since had 14 week old gsd Max! He's definitely keeping us on our toes hehe! Congratulations on your new additions and I wish you all the best with your beauties! Love niamh and max

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