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Will give these a try. Thank you! The good thing is that he is not in pain, his normal happy self and not sick at all. I think the protocol the vet gave me, seems over the top for a bit. But of course I am restricting his play totally.
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Hi Wolfy!

This is what you want;

Calcarea Carbonica 30C (4 globules 3 x daily) http://www.amazon.com/Boiron-Homeopathic-Medicine-Calcarea-Carbonica/dp/B005P0XWQY
Arnica Montana 30C (4 globules 3 or more times daily depending on pain). http://www.amazon.com/Boiron-Homeopathic-Medicine-Montana-Pellets/dp/B0006NYI7C/ref=sr_1_2_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1460325174&sr=1-2&keywords=boiron+arnica+montana+30c
Give these at separate times during the day "in a clean mouth" (no food or water 30 minutes before or after).

Put a small piece of paper towel on top of one large tablespoon (regular tableware), place globules on the pt....put another small piece of pt on top of the globules...place a second large tablespoon on top of that piece of pt....and slowly crush. Slowly shake globule pieces/dust on to another spoon. Lift his lip and drop in! This will melt into the mucus membrane. They spit out the globules if left whole!

Keep us posted!
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Cam is almost one year old and still limping slightly. We see the rehab vet every month (Hooray for Healthy Paws) and she is confident that it will completely resolve once the growth plates are closed. He is intact so closing sooner than if been neutered.. She put him on a low (<1%) calcium kibble (to control the intake) but all the bag says is 'minimal amount of Calcium'. I would like to know what I can feed him raw that resembles that a bit. He is still on very restricted exercise; leash walks and once in a while a romp with Deja to keep everyone sane (permission from the vet). It doesn't make the limping any worse. All in all I am doing the best I can but it really sucks.
So I am looking for a raw diet with the lesser amount of calcium. Input from the experienced raw feeders very welcome. I think that green tripe has a good ratio for him.
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New to the GSD experience; new to the HOD life

Thank you so much for your HOD experience. Luka is 19 weeks old and was diagnosed with HOD after an overnight vet stay. Yesterday morning was heartbreaking to discover Luka was in too much pain to even walk. And since the diagnosis I have been reading up on medical articles on the disease. Although I am not near to considering euthanasia, I know that if I have to deal with constant flare ups, I would probably start to consider it because I don't like seeing him in pain.
Now i can come back to your story during the hard times to remind myself that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Right now Luka is on the floor staring at my husband with mischief in his eyes. I know the pain meds we just gave him are kicking in.
I will post with an update to his condition once in a while and pray that we are lucky and don't have recurring episodes.
Thank you again for helping me keep my perspective.
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Just joined this site today, i have a mixed shepherd blend now 15 weeks old , diagnosed with HOD after x rays, blood panel etc at 12 weeks . He was on NSAIDS and painkillers and responded really well after a couple of days, from not being able to walk and in a LOT of pain, crying all the time, fever, no appetite having to have IV fluids to being back on his feet and bouncing off the walls again. Today i can see he is relapsing, i have restarted his meds and am hoping for the best. Researching this disease nobody seems sure of the cause and the role nutrition plays, not sure what to feed my boy, low protein, large breed puppy, all stages, low calcium etc etc. NEVER have i wished puppyhood away so much in my life, instead of cherishing all the puppy moments i just want to get to the full growth stage asap. When well he wants to rough play with my younger dog so i have to inflict his puppiness on my older calm lab who really isn't keen. My house is divided in to thirds with enclosures doubling as door gates keeping everyone separate LOL. Just so sad to see him go through this again, feeling low myself. Would love to hear success stories from people who've been through this so i can feel more positive about the outcome. Thanks
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Originally Posted by Mudypoz View Post
Not homeopathic, but I've found that turmeric paste 3x/day works great for inflammation.
Is there a recipe for this posted somewhere
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I have posted this somewhere else, but since this is about HOD: after having been limping for about an entire year, rest or no rest, I was worried that the HOD remainders would cause permanent lameness in Cam. X rays came out clear and no-one knew what was wrong. Deja plays hard and since they are my house dogs it was tough managing them both in limiting their fun, inside and outside unless I completely separated them. I decided to rehome Cam to a responsible Collie home where he would have a calmer life. I got some cr*p because of this, here and in the community. But I did the best I could and followed my gut. It was a very tough decision as he is an awesome dog with a golden temperament. The good news is that a month into his new home, he no longer limps. It came as a shock to me. But it was my objective anyways. Would he have recovered here? Maybe. I just didn't want to put his health in jeopardy by keeping him along with Deja.
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Hi, my lab puppy was diagnosed with HOD after he went completely lame all of a sudden. He got diagnosed very quickly and with one night in the hospital and a few more days of rest he felt completely better. It has now been two weeks and he is still fine, thank goodness, but going off the wall because of the restricted activity, to the point that I need to give him sedatives. My question is this - the vet said that after a month (so in another two weeks) he could resume normal activity. If I do that - take him to a field to play fetch - will that cause another flare? I had been relying on two good sessions of fetch per day to keep him occupied before the HOD - this is my third lab and by far the most hyper of any of them. He needs to run - walks actually just make him more hyper for some reason. I want to let him exercise again, but not if it will cause a flare...thanks so much for any advice.
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