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Pit Bulls and this GSD website....

I don't want to talk about the two in the same sentence, because they should not have anything to do with each other in this venue - any more than Standard Poodles would on a GSD website. Yet, time and time again it's a topic.

I don't like Pit Bulls. This from direct personal experience and having been an owner of one also. I would rather they are in no part of my life. I don't understand the diversity of opintions that some say "my baby wouldn't harm anything" to the thousands of documentated cases that show "their baby would harm something" - to GSD owners saying "we really don't care - just keep it on a leash under control".

Simple as that. We can all be as introspective as we want, the fact remains that there's a problem. There is no argument on that. There are any number of dogs bred for fighting what pose a conflict with every day actions and specifically with our dogs in a social setting. GSD's are not angels and have required cautions in their own right that must be observed with the breed.

Just keep them on a leash, GSD owners included.... and there will be no problems. For those that say "that breed" is in the hands of those who will not adhere to societies rules - then let's work together to eliminate that problem.

When you see a stray that can do damage to OUR BREED - dial a few numbers and report it. When you have done that - if it has no affect - send your information to the local newspaper or radio station. You don't have to give your name - you just have to make that one small effort.

You're either part of the solution or part of the problem..... It seems that this issue is so out of control that each of us needs to dial the number and make the report to be effective in correcting the problem. Legal avenues, LE, AC are obviously not effective. The ball's in our park. We can't bitch about a specific situation here and not contact our local animal control or LE if we expect situations to improve.

We're paying money for these services. Please use them - when you see a problem, report it. If you see a potentially life threatening problem - aggressive dogs - inadequate fencing - report it. The neighbors where these deaths occurred could have made a difference with one stupid phone call.....

You ignore the problem or walk on by as many times as you can and count yourself lucky that the problem didn't blow up on you - and you say nothing or report it to no one - you are just as guilty when the predictable happens...

I for one am getting tired of the PB owners pushing their "aren't they cute" on a GSD site - it's political - it's intentional and it shouldn't be allowed here.

This is not a PB site or any other, it's a GSD site. Those who wish to expound on the great atributes of the breed, such as the classic "MY PB would never hurt anybody or anything" need to realize they're on the wrong site.

If I am wrong in this thinking, then I need to find another site that supports the GSD - not also and equally - the runaway dog breed that brings ours down and nothing is being done to separate the distinction. There is a huge distinction but everybody's trying to be so socially correct, the problem is worsening.

That's why any potential breed ban is scarey for the GSD - because nobody has the spine to call the comparison ridiculous - even in the fact of over 120 years of faithful dedicated service the GSD has given us. We are doing the breed a disservice for not backing them and allowing them to be classified the same as the PB as a problem in society as the insurance companies have done.

Shame on us......
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I had to chuckle a little when I read this. Sorry if this seems rude, but if you don't want to discuss pit bulls on a GSD forum, perhaps you shouldn't start a thread to discuss pit bulls.

I'm far from a pit bull advocate. I own a pit mix, but I didn't adopt her in the hopes of saving all the pit bulls, or proving what a great family member they can be. I constantly tell people not to adopt a bully breed if they are not extremely dog savvy. But I still think the problem lies with irresponsible people owning a dog that has so much potential to be dangerous. My girl would be a complete disaster in the hands of someone who didn't realize just how vigilant they would have to be with her around other dogs. I manage the heck out of my dog.

Anyway, it's fine that you hate pit bulls. And I'm sorry that you've had such bad experiences with them. Truly, I am. I just wish that people would realize that not all pit bull owners are morons who let their dogs roam free. I do everything in my power to keep my dog away from other dogs out in public. She has years of training under her belt and hardly makes a motion toward other dogs, yet I still cross the street to keep a reasonable distance between her and Fluffy from down the block. I don't let her run amok. She is not off leash around children (even though she has never once shown any propensity toward harming one), and she is crated or gated in our kitchen when we have people over.

Of course, I do the same things with my GSD.

I'm sorry if this has come off as defensive. It is late and I'm tired. I just wanted you to realize that not everyone who owns a bully breed sucks.
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^^^^ what nikki said.

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I joined this site and paid to be a lifetime member. I did so because of the diversity. I own more then one breed of dog and so do many others. I have had only a couple bad experiences with the pit bull breed and I don't hold that against the breed at all. There are millions of pit bulls out there in good homes with good owners. I enjoy it when people can talk about their pit bulls, dobes, Rotts and GSDs. If I see a dog running down the street, I do not hesitate to pick it up, no matter what breed. I have stopped numerous grown men from fighting their dogs on the street, I have also been present when a crack head sold a pit bull to my friend do $10.00. I see both sides, not just one side. I see the loyality these dogs have to the scummiest owners out there. I see them wagging their tail and giving kisses after they have just fought and been abused to no end. So if you want to hate, hate the people that do these things to these dogs. Hate the parents who tie a dog on a chain, give it a bone then let their toddler approach the dog. Hate the people that don't manage or train them. Maybe those that hate the breed should go to a pit bull site and see what kind of dogs and owners there are.

I'm personally tired of those they hate the breed talking about it. Yes we know there are documented cases of bites and deaths, yes we know they can be fighting dogs. Those that know these things also know that they are not all that way--that is the difference.

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I'm not on here faithfully, and rarely at all lately because my rotten gsd pup knocked orange juice on my computer and fried it. But I've been a member a long time and almost all of the pit bull threads I see start as normal non pit bull threads, pit bull gets mentioned and it is almost always the non pit bull owning/gsd loving/pit bull hating people that start on about how vicious they are. The thread then becomes a war with the people who love the breed trying to defend it and the people who hate the breed trying to discredit anything positive said. For example when my gsd attacked my geriatric apbt. I was flat out told, by someone who doesn't know me or my dogs, that it HAD to be the pit bull that attacked. I will happily give my vet reference and behaviourist reference and provide video of how my gsd is the one who attacked, but pit bull haters just can't believe it.
One particular member (this was a few months back) who hates pit bulls had 90% of their posts about the breed, and this person had only been a member for a very short time (yes, I did go through post by post and counted). Coming to a gsd forum and speaking pit bull is bothering you? I think the loudest voice here, from what I've seen, is from the pit bull haters. And I personally hate coming to a gsd site and seeing so much hate towards another breed of dog. Constant hate. Every. Single. Time. Say pit bull and it becomes a huge nasty thread.
If you want to go on and on about how nasty a certain breed is, and be able to shoot down any one positive thing that's said about them, I'm sure there are lots of anti pit bull forums out there.
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This is a diverse site that welcomes people with any and all breeds. Clearly the FOCUS is on GSD's and that's why GSD's alone are allowed in the Rescue site.

But we welcome people that want to learn and help any all dogs.

I'm locking this and would also like any 'hate' speak clumping any breeds into one group off the forum.

If a thread opens up about any breed that someone doesn't agree with, just post AND MOVE ON! Like the adults we know you are.


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