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Old 09-17-2014, 04:15 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Her itchiness is SO BAD! Chewing fur off her tail, her legs, etc.

UGH Poor Zelda.. It started first with yeasty paws.. Got that cleared with an herbal, and they look great now.
But its horrible.. She is so itchy. She chewed up her front legs, her back legs, her knee area, the back of her legs (especially right above her hocks) its all red and some what bumpy now... and her tail is probably a 1/3 the size it was and she has scabs all over it...... She is itchy EVERYWHERE though! Even with her XL plastic e-collar she can STILL Manage to chew her tail, so im buying bitter apple spray see if that helps..
I have NO idea what sparked this... I feel so bad for her!
My Vet really thinks its a "true allergy" and not just a sensitivity. So i am going to opt for the allergy testing. It's $370 for the food and regional allergy testing.
She is such a picky eater.. And when she has her cone on she almost refuses to eat! But as it is, she picks over her food at night.. So i just cant take it! I tried different food for her etc.. I know we talked about getting her on a herbal to stimulate her appetite, so we will probably be doing this.
I am trying to learn warming and cooling foods. My vet said she is a complicated case when it comes to this.. I am waiting to hear back from him on Thursday, and hopefully we are able to get her blood drawn ASAP for that testing! And see if that is it..
Back to the hairless wonder, uncontrollable itching, scabby girl!

It makes me really sad.. This is one of those moments i feel like im failing her.. She is skinny, chewing off fur she is so itchy, etc.. UGH!
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I did the environmental allergy testing. You may want to pick one, because after the testing, you'll need to buy the "treatment." Jericho is severely allergic to "pine mix" so another $180 later I have a serums he gets twice a day to help desensitize his system. Thankfully it's seasonal, but still it was terrible to watch/hear him itch.
I'm an amateur, but like I said you may want to pick either food or environment and go after them separately, if finances are a factor.
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What about giving her fish oil? I know GSD are prone to "hot spots". My first GSD had them. We found giving 2 fish oil a day until the symptoms are relieved and 1 pill a day for maintenance. The fish oil helps their skin and fur look great!
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Old 09-17-2014, 07:48 PM   #4 (permalink)
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I had Onyx tested a few yrs ago and gave her injections with a serum specific to her allergies. She began avoiding me because she hated those injections. I recently started her on the oral serum, I know it will be several months before we see any improvement, but I have high hopes the oral will help.
She is an itchy scratchy mess this time of year and I'm supplementing her with everything I can think of to help. I won't go with Prednisone, which most vets go to immediately with these issues.
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Sounds like her immune system has been compromised. There is tons of information on other threads in here about supplements that target deficient immune systems in GSDs. Also, the German shepherd has a wonky skin pH that is often effected by diet.i would look into a natural based vitamin and mineral suppliment.
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Have you tried Nu-stock? You should be able to get it in feed stores in the horse section. It's great stuff and it really works. Stops itching on contact and has been known to regrow hair fast. I'm trying the regrowing hair part, but it truly stops itch.
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Old 10-17-2014, 08:40 AM   #7 (permalink)
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I am walking in the OP shoes this week. My dog is doing the same thing. I know the cause which is flea and environmental allergies. The vet said we are dealing with 2nd degree skin infection. We are are on prednisone, omega EFA capsules xs, simplicef and phytovet ck shampoo. I did not want to go this route but the doc said she is so bad we need to clear up the itching and change things when all this is better. Ragweed is our worst offender this time of year in our area and it's all over the roadsides near our home.

I am interested in learning what treatment the OP ended up using as comparison with mine.
Please bear with my stupid questions. This old dog is learning new tricks. lol.

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Why not try a prescription hypoallergenic food (and absolutely nothing else)? I know it is not "natural" but at least you would know if it was the food allergy. It is a pretty simple way to do it. Although if it is coming and going it is probably environmental.

I have been in contact with UC Davis dermatology over the years and they always start with eliminating flea allergies as those are the most common. The recommendation for me has been the real stuff and not the natural remedies... and again you would know in a month or two and then could explore the natural stuff once this is eliminated.

Finally, you have posted alot. I wonder, are you near a good vet hospital? Sounds like you really need a vet who specializes in dermatology.

Good luck.
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I'm going through the same thing with my 2 year old girl Tess, she's been biting and scratching since the beginning of spring and it hasn't let up yet. She bites her paws, especially one in the back, to the point of making her limp due to the painfulness. We now put a sock on her back foot to keep her from chewing on it. She hasn't loss any fur yet, basically just licks her paws, groin area, scratches her ears and bites her feet. I feel so helpless, I've tried everything.

I am 95% sure it's environmental due to it starting in the spring when the trees began to bud. Plus we've put her on a grain free food Taste of the Wild, after eliminating different proteins. I'm saving up to get her tested, lately we've been having financial problems. It's always the way. Our last dog, a chocolate Lab, went 12 years without any problems at all, of course we didn't have any financial problems then.

Really upsets me to see her suffer.
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i tend to follow what Doc above says, Immune system is compromised thus allowing allergens to be a problem. Raw diet can help to detox and strengthen the immune system thus solving many of these problems.

There are alot of threads with a ton of this information listed that might held for you to decide what could possibly work for your family and dog.
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