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maxo16 08-29-2014 04:07 PM

Drinking a lot of water, urinating a lot, noticeable decrease in energy.
Hi guys, i've been a frequent visitor of this website and have found lots of useful information, so i figured i'd give it a shot to see if anyone has any tips or ideas seeing as I'm scratching my head on this one....

Fuser is about 4 years old. He has had EPI for about 2 years now and i don't think it is related to how he's been the last 2 weeks.

we've noticed he had less energy a few weeks ago and noticed he was shedding a lot more than usual, we went to the vet and he told us that everything seems pretty vague at the moment but if he gets worse then come in again and to bring him in on monthly check ups of his weight.

he did get better after a few days it seemed, then we noticed he was drinking large amounts of water and peeing a lot, finding the kitchen with pee in the mornings because he couldn't go the night without peeing, and also again slightly less energy.

we went to the vet again and they took blood to do a full blood test and check for diabetes, it came back negative, he then suggested a urine sample, that came back negative today as well. he was testing for diabetes insipidus.

Fuser is drinking a bit less water than before, he told us to measure how much he was drinking before, and a few days ago he drank like 12L of water, everything i read online about DI was to make sure they had access to as much water as they could have.

now i'm scratching my head because he said Fusers urine came back negative of anything serious.

he mentioned there was a little bit more white blood cells and than can indicate some sort of infection maybe but to not worry over the weekend and to touch base on tuesday.

if anyone has had any similar symptoms it'd be much appreciated, the one thing i hate about it all is they can't talk to you and tell you what they're feeling..

also his breath has started to smell a bit, it usually never did...

thanks in advance



BowWowMeow 08-29-2014 04:30 PM

He's a gorgeous dog. Did they check his thyroid?

wyominggrandma 08-29-2014 05:08 PM

Were his kidney functions ok on the blood test ? Does his breath have a sweet type smell?

maxo16 08-29-2014 06:28 PM

hi, the paper from the vet describing what was done says
Comprehensive CBC - Idexx Lab
Clinical Chemistry 3 - Blood profile

and today was a Urinalysis.

I don't think they checked his thyroid, and because he ruled out anything in his blood test, i'm guessing it involves his kidneys too, his breath isn't a sweet smell, its more stale i guess? not quite sure how to explain it

my boy diesel 08-29-2014 06:33 PM

i would wonder about this
Cushing's Disease

onyx'girl 08-29-2014 06:57 PM

How is his appetite? I'd have them run tick panels and a lepto test. Addisons, Cushings, so many things.....
Were his BUN, phosphorus or creatinine levels elevated?

maxo16 08-30-2014 07:02 PM

i don't know if they did tests on BUN and all that stuff... his appetite has decreased a lot, he used to eat his food super fast and leave it spotless. now he leaves food and usually isnt as hungry... its very has be so worried and im pretty upset the vet could just say dont worry about it over the weekend if something is clearly wrong.....
just came back from a very short walk and he noticeably had less energy....

onyx'girl 08-30-2014 07:07 PM

Having just gone thru a nightmare, I'd try to get your vet to help you understand the lab tests that were run. The weekend wait can make a huge difference in the outcome. I waited 5 days from the date my dog went off his food and started drinking more, acted a bit punky compared to his normal exhuberance(those were his only symptoms)he started Friday, and I couldn't get him in until tue
Turned out that he was in kidney failure which was later diagnosed due to contracting leptospirosis. I think if your vet ran blood tests, the BUN and other levels would show high/low and concern if things aren't normal.

Heidigsd 08-30-2014 07:10 PM

Since your boy has EPI is he getting B12 injections at all?

Fuser is gorgeous :wub:

Cassidy's Mom 08-30-2014 07:12 PM

Did you get copies of the tests? If not, ask for them.

Even if I'm told "everything is fine", I want to know exactly what the results were. Also, I can compare them over time if I have copies of all the tests that have been done for a particular pet.

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