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Mamie 08-21-2014 01:27 PM

Decubitis ulcers on forearms/ elbows:help:
My 1 y.o. just returned from 3 weeks @ boarding kennel. He presents raised, round, red, pus-emitting ulcers on the sides of both elbows. I suspect concrete + a small crate. Does anyone have experience with healing this darn disease? Thank you- Mamie

SuperG 08-21-2014 02:59 PM

I'm not sure if my dog had the same but when she was a year or so, she did get something similar to what you are describing. I believe I caught the ulcerations before they were infected to the point where pus was present...but nonetheless they seemed inflamed and infected to a degree.

I choose to clean the clean the wounds with a towel and warm soapy water to get the skin rid of any caked residue and then applied bacitracin to the affected areas. I'm sure any topical antibiotic similar to bacitracin would have sufficed. I paid attention to the areas numerous times throughout the day and cleaned/reapplied as needed. If my memory serves, I believe on one of these wounds I trimmed her fur in order to keep any discharge from scabbing over with her fur entangled in it was easier to keep clean.

The ulcerations were located on her hips in the area where, when laying down would be in contact with the ground...and being subjected to more of her weight...a pressure point of sorts. I also decided to put large towels and blankets in the areas where she chose to lie down on hard surfaces hoping this would cushion the pressure point point and allowing more blood flow to these vulnerable areas. Interesting that both are dogs dealt with this at a year in age??

The wounds healed and she has not had to deal with this since....

Best of luck and hope the situation clears up in short order.


Mamie 08-21-2014 05:38 PM

Thanks, Super G. I wish I could send a photo, but I don't have my own website.

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