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Exclamation My Buddy (non-GSD) was attacked...

(Apologies in advance for the lengthy thread)

Hi everyone, I'd like for you all to meet Buddy. Although he's not a Shepherd, he is your ideal dog. He's been an angel since day one and to this day has not done one thing wrong...

My Buddy (non-GSD) was attacked...-buddy.jpg

But the sad news is that yesterday on our walk together, he was attacked. A lady was walking her dog on the opposite side of the street and apparently has a history of animal aggression. It started to flail and tug and eventually snapped its leash. It darted across the street and pounced on Buddy. It happened so quickly, I didn't even have time to react. All I could think of to do was grab the other dog. It had Buddy by the skin behind its neck and was shaking him viciously. I lifted the dog in the air by the back of its collar, which choked him enough to let go.

His owner brought him back inside and came out with all of her contact information. I was in tears. Buddy didn't appear to be in the slightest bit of pain... no limp, no whimpering, no blood, no hiding behind me. He plays rough with my aunt's dog a lot, so I figured he wasn't really phased, or didn't know what happened. I checked him 3 times, no injuries.

I called my aunt (she lives down the street) and she came right up and helped call the police for an incident report. After everything, we went to the hospital because during the scuffle, I was attacked in the process while pulling them apart. My skin didn't break, but I was bit on my hand and have contusions (bruises on the bones), a scratch on my arm, and my shoulder is sore. On the drive home, we got a call from my grandparents who I live with and they told me Buddy is now bleeding. I got home and found the he did in fact have a bite mark. It was a small puncture from the dog's tooth, it didn't bleed right away and was in an odd area (behind his shoulder area). So I cleaned him up and now because of the fact that skin had been broken, we had to call the police back so they can contact animal control.

They came, checked Buddy out, chatted for a bit, and told me he should be alright and to take him the vet if he seems sick, in pain, or acting weird in the morning.

Morning came and he was still okay. He was really sluggish acting and only had some dry blood on his fur. I cleaned him up again and went to work (I have a pet care service business - I was dog sitting for the day). Again on my way home, my grandparents called me and told me he's bleeding again. I got home, checked him out... same as yesterday. I was concerned though so I brought him to the vet. They shaved the area down, cleaned him up, and found that he had a little bit of fluid backup in the area. So they gave him an antibiotic shot and prescription meds to take twice a day. They said it's nothing major, and the swelling should go down in the next day or so, and that he'll be okay.

My Buddy (non-GSD) was attacked...-buddyvet.jpg


What I really want to talk about is this: I can NOT get the picture out of my head... Every time I think about it or explain the incident to someone, I have to close my eyes and cringe at the part where the aggressive dog broke off the leash. Last night I couldn't sleep... I had nightmares of the dog coming around corners while I was walking Buddy. I kept jumping up out of a sound sleep. And all day today, I had the same issue with these flashbacks. I can't get the image out of my mind... my dog being attacked... me screaming "NO! NO! NO!" I just can't shake it. If one of my grandparents had been walking him at the time, they wouldn't have been able to jump in like I did. Buddy could have/would have been killed... I can't stop thinking about it. My heart has not slowed down since yesterday when it happened.

What do you suggest that I do? The owners of the dog are paying for all of my medical and vet bills, and their dog is being evaluated to see whether or not it's stable enough to be trusted not to attack again. I'm just so frustrated and heartbroken. Everything is okay and being handled, but I'm still in very dark place... Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Be very careful about his injuries. Because when a dog bites, it can only be a small puncture on the outside, but the skin gets pulled away from the muscle and causes HUGE areas where it will fill with fluid and there can be major bruising under his skin.. If it doesn't get better quickly, he needs to be seen by the vet and actually have his injury checked over, lots of time you don't see from the outside, but when they are under anesthetic, you find massive bruising. If he was shaken by his neck, I would really watch it for bruising or skin sluffing.
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Originally Posted by wyominggrandma View Post
Be very careful about his injuries. Because when a dog bites, it can only be a small puncture on the outside, but the skin gets pulled away from the muscle and causes HUGE areas where it will fill with fluid and there can be major bruising under his skin.. If it doesn't get better quickly, he needs to be seen by the vet and actually have his injury checked over, lots of time you don't see from the outside, but when they are under anesthetic, you find massive bruising. If he was shaken by his neck, I would really watch it for bruising or skin sluffing.

As I did say, I had brought him to the vet and he was treated today.
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I'm sorry this happened. There are dogs out there that are aggressive. People do keep them. People believe they can manage them and often they can. Sometimes they make a mistake and there is a terrible accident.

I don't know what to tell you. You can be walking your dog and lightning can strike you or your dog. Your own leash can break and your dog might dart out in the road and get killed. I guess what I would do is to count up all the days that I have walked my dog without anything bad happening, and then see what the odds are, how likely this is to happen again. Maybe I would carry a bat or a stick to try and ward off any other dogs. But sticks can make some dogs react. You can carry a bottle of citronella spray, or a small air horn. These stop dogs pretty effectively -- much better than a "No, No, No!!!"

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Do you have health insurance for yourself? I think you might want to do a short course of therapy, you might have situational post traumatic stress. Nothing anyone can say will be as effective as professional help to deal with this.

If that's not possible, there is a very good chance these memories will fade somewhat and diminish in strength and frequency...but a good therapist can make that happen quicker.

In the meantime, keep a close eye on buddy's injuries and begin to think about what you could carry with you on walks (stick, pepper spray), to use in the future if that ever happens again.

So sorry you we're put in this awful position. Buddy sure has a sweet face! Take care.

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When my puppy was attacked I replayed it in my mind quite often. Lots of what ifs and guilt. It was about 4 years ago and I can still recall it vividly like it was yesterday. There is always a chance it can happen since we can't control the dogs around us. There are some things you can do to feel safer, take routes where no other dogs are usually, carry pepper spray, and watch your surroundings. Learn from the experience and move forward. For instance what would you do different or what could you have done differently when you saw the leash break? Chances are not much. You did your best to protect your dog and you really did protect him, because he is alive with minor injuries. Don't feel guilty. As you watch your dog heal, the guilt will go away too. Give your dog a hug and move forward with confidence. Good Luck, you can do this

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I'm sorry you had to experience this, and that Buddy was bitten. Poor little guy, I hope he's healing well. I don't think you should be in a dark place at all! What you did saved him from worse injury! You had control of the other dog and you handled the situation just fine - you should be proud of yourself, not critical, IMO. If you are dwelling on this anyway, then you need to empower yourself. Keep something on hand to deter another dog in the future, whatever it is that you feel comfortable with, and should be legal, lol. I've had this happen to me 3 times in 30 years of walking my GSDs in public, so I know how bad you feel. But it's impossible to prevent this from happening, it's a risk we take. The best we can do is move forward and remember that we will protect our dogs from danger, no matter what. I think you did very well!
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Selzer's on target - crap happens.

You have a pet care business. You must know this.

I'm glad that you only got bruised breaking up the assult. (If the dog were more intent it could have been much worse.) I think it's normal to be upset after such an incident. For me, long walks help.

I'm glad you took Buddy to the vet. Do keep an eye on him. Hopefully the wound is healing and he's just bruised. (those can be painful - as when I chose a rock to light on -)

I am surprised that you called the police when the person was handling all your expenses and open with the contact information. It sounds as though they are not yet being unreasonable. Hope all goes well for both parties.
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I realize that you took the dog to the vet, however I was stating my advice from over 35 years of experience of working with vets. Some injuries at first look simple, but underneath they are massive and cause healing to not go well. Some need drains, etc. its from the bruising caused by the shaking from the other dog under the skin.
Sorry if you didn't like my reply, I won't give you advice or cautions again .
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I am sorry this has happened to you and Buddy. I hope the both of you recover quickly.

I am a little surprised that this has caused such an adverse reaction for you since you are involved in the industry. You should realize that when you are dealing with animals, anything can happen. If this is that difficult for you, you might want to consider a different industry.

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