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Jazz got stung by a bee!

We had a bit of a scare on Friday. We were just starting our weekend, relaxing in the backyard with a glass of wine , listening to the gentle breeze and our chimes. Jazz was running around herding her basketball when she caught sight of what I initially thought was a cricket in the grass. Upon taking a closer look, I saw what looked to me like a black bee. Told her to leave it alone, but she kept pawing at it. So you know what happens next right? She gets stung, is running around rubbing her nose in the grass. I had a look but couldn't find the stinger, nor the bee in the grass. Gave her an I told you so. Jazz continued running around once again herding her basketball. Hubby was chattering away, but out of the corner of my eye, somehow she didn't look quite right. Next, she came over to us an curled up between us on the grass, but even this was not quite right. She more or less plopped down and was not relaxed. I don't know why I did this but I decided to check her gums, they were gray! Hubby got up and walked away & tried calling her, but she didn't move. I got up and walked away, she tried to follow me but collapsed. Clearly she was having a reaction to the sting, so I hurried into the house to get some benadryl. By this time Jazz is just laying here on the grass. Hubby tried to get the benadryl caplet down her, and as he was trying to do this, her eyes rolled back in her head and her throat seemed to be closing up. Scared now, I called the vet and told them what happened and that I thought Jazz was going into shock. They said bring her in right away, so hubby picked her up and put her in the van. She was limp. Luckily the vet is less than 5 mins away. They took her in right away, quick assessment and gave her a large dose of benadryl. Originally, they were going to give her an Epi shot, but decided to try the benadryl first. The benadryl shot did the trick. Took about 15 mins, but her gums pinked up and she started to stir more, objecting now to being on the exam table. We took her home and hovered over an extremely groggy dog for the rest of the evening. She threw up quite a bit of bile 4 times later that evening, likely due to empty stomach and possibily irritated stomach from the benadryl ? and/or the bee sting. I think, but am not sure, I saw the stinger in one of her bile vomits. I was getting worrried about the vomiting, and was about to call the Evet, but decided to try a few soda crackers. She took them and they seemed to settle her tummy. The rest of the evening was uneventful. Next day she was back to her normal self. We never did find the bee, nor could we find the stinger or any outward sign of a sting, no swelling on the nose or mouth, etc. We think she may have swallowed the bee and got stung on the inside, maybe in her throat or further down? From the time of the bee sting till she collapsed maybe 10 minutes? Wow, what a wake up call for me!

Lessons learned:

1) not good enough to tell her to leave it, let her get stung and say I told you so
2) benadryl pills are useless is an emergency because you can't get them down, even if you could, they would take too long to work
3) liquid benadryl for allergies not good, as it contains alcohol so not good for dog, also they don't like the taste so won't take it
4) liquid benadryl for allergies, children's formula, good to have on hand as it does not have any alcohol in it, also dog likes taste of bubblegum flavour
5) must research having epi pen on hand. They sell a children's version at Superstore pharmacy, costs $117, one dosage only, shelf life of one year. Looking into whether there is one specifically for pets, or whether I can get my hands on benadryl injectable. Will discuss further with vet.

Sheesh! Why is it that the dog owners who do not care for their pets, leave them outdoors all the time NEVER seem to have these issues?

I think Jazz is part cat, and she has now used up 2 of her 9 lives.
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Wow that would be a scary situation. I have had dogs that have gotten stung and just swell in the affected area but never a reaction like that. Thank you for sharing this I will definately be keeping childrens' Benedryl on hand now...

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oh, my! That was scary! You had me teary-eyed half way through your story. I'm so glad you and your husband were around to see him get a reaction.

I'm going to start keeping children's benadryl (Liquid) on hand, just in case. Maverick doesn't have any allergies yet. But it doesn't hurt to be ready.

Hugs for Jazz!
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gray gums are an emergency.

Glad you got her the help she needed.

Not everyone who keeps dogs outside do not care for their pets, but some dogs are not allergic to bee stings.

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Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that people who keep their dogs outside do not care for them. I was just venting a bit and probably should not have voiced that in an email as I can see how easily it can be misread.

Yes, gray gums are an emergency. Good for everyone to know. The only reason I was even aware of this is that we almost lost Jazz in the first few days after we got her at 8 weeks. She tested positive for parvo, but it was never clear as to whether it actually was parvo or a false positive as she had just been vaccinated for it a few days earlier. That's a whole other story, but bottom line is thankfully she made a fully recovery from that crisis.

Also, I should add that having liquid Benadryl on hand is not meant to take the place of a vet visit in the event of a severe allergic reaction. I think at best, it might buy a little time, if the vet's office is closed and I have to take her to the Evet, which is approximately an hour's drive down the highway with no traffic delays.

This is my first encounter with a severe allergic reaction in a dog and certainly was an eye opener for me. Our previous shepherd, Gracie, had been swarmed by wasps so bad that we had to use oven mitts to get them all off her. She was traumatized for sure, but luckily, she did not have a severe allergic reaction.

Just like kids, they are all different and just when you think you are well versed in their care, along comes an unexpected curve.
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