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My yeasty boy :(

So I took Dagon in for his neutering on Tuesday. They put him under anesthesia and shaved the area to prep for incision. They found the skin there to be infected and ended up not doing the neuter. I saw him chewing and licking the area and it looked slightly red but I didnt realize how bad it was until they took all the hair off (Hes a long haired GSD). He also has a patch of infected skin in his armpit. We have also been battling with constant ear infections. Vet said it was yeast, which I knew he had issues with already because of his ears, and prescribed him cephalexin. Now I also have him on grain free food, and have been giving him coconut oil. I was wondering what else I can do to help kill off the yeast and prevent it from coming back? Has anyone used probiotics? I also wonder if its a good idea to give him probiotics since he is taking the antibiotics.. If so, can anyone recommend a particular brand and do they have to be specifically made for dogs?

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No answers but I have two shepherds that have the same issues so I'm really interested .

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My coated boy has had problems with yeast infections in the summer due to the humidity and him always being wet...What I found to work last year was using raw apple cider vinegar (in his water - just a bit every day) and I soaked his paws in a ACV/Hydrogen Peroxide/Water mix, and patted that on his visible yeast infections. I also use the Zymox Topical spray.

Probiotics are extremely helpful when taking antibiotics. I give my dog human probiotics, Florajen 3, and it has worked extremely well for him.

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Thank you for the tips. I'm sure the fact that we live in the hot and humid Florida climate has a lot to do with it. The summer weather is especially damp, the grass is wet half the day... poor dog wasnt made for this kind of stuff. I know when he was living with my mom, she had tried ACV, but not sure how consistent she was with that so I will give it a try again. Florajen is an excellent human probiotic so I will definitely give that a try with him as well! I just finished a bottle of Zymox ear drops, which lasted about 10 days, and it cleared up his ears about 80% or so. They definitely look much much better and Im sure the antibiotics will help clear them up completely. I know its a temporary fix though, which is why Im looking for daily supplements to prevent them from getting bad again. :-/ Im crossing my fingers that the coconut oil will do something as well as its supposed to have anti-yeast properties to it. Any of you put baby powder on the areas to keep them dry?
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My dog gets yeasty spots in the summer, too. ACV works pretty well as does tea tree oil (must be significantly diluted with a carrier oil prior to application).

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Is it yeast or staph?
Cephalexin is an antibiotic.

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Sunflowers is correct. Dog has staph - not yeast. Abx don't treat yeast infections.

Boost his immune system - feed a good kibble or do raw. Give him fish and coconut oil, spray his belly with vetericyn 2-3x daily, and keep him dry.
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Sometimes dogs get a staff infection due to the scratching from the yeast infection as the abrasion can become infected. Chevy was treated last summer w/ antibiotic ,steroid to clear the skin up and another scrip that I cant rememberright now.

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well any skin issue is usually multi pronged
a dog can have damp and yeasty skin and it can cause itching which in turn creates a bacterial infection when the skin is abraded due to the scratching
bacteria enter the open skin where the dog scratched
that may have happened
ftr skin infections can be caused by staph or even e coli due to the scratching

as others said pro biotics will help
also i have had good luck with malaseb and malacetic both of which have acid balancing properties

you have to find the root of the problem
if a food or environmental allergy then fix that and the skin wont be as irritated which causes overproduction of oil when in turn feeds and encourages yeast growth which then becomes itchy so the dog scratches and that is where the bacterial infection comes in

it does no good to just fix the bacterial infection without investigating the cause of the skin irritation in the 1st place
i would get this dog on an allergy reducing food such as natural balance in bison or duck or venison
if the dog improves you know you are doing something right
consider benadryl in the am and pm at 1mg per pound so a 50lb dog would get 2 pills twice a day
or a zyrtec for a large dog give 1 every night

that will help fix the skin irritation so the dogs skin can heal but prepare to battle this for a minimum of 3 mos before you see a real difference

you can also give apple cider vinegar with the mother in it in the dogs food every day
use Digestive Aids for Dogs | Petivia Premium Probiotics or the probiotics mentioned

you can wipe the skin down with diluted apple cider vinegar but if you get malacetic or malaseb that would take the place of the vinegar
another thing ive heard of people using is coconut oil orally and topically
MalAcetic Shampoo, Spray Conditioner & Wet Wipes | Antimicrobial Pet Care malacetic

Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Cat Supplies, Pet Meds & Pet Products - Search Results for malaseb malaseb products

i always keep some of this on hand as my pup has had allergies from time to time
DermaPet® MalAcetic Otic | Revival Animal Health
you just have to get the acid mantle on the skin back and things will get sorted

Maintaining Your Dog's Skin pH | petMD

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Thanks for the replies. Vet said it was yeast, which I had suspected, due to the ears being affected as well. I think if it was staph, he wouldnt be getting recurrent ear issues in addition to the skin infection. Unless as you guys mentioned, he got a staph or bacterial infection from the scratching, which is why they prescribed the cephalexin. It does make sense that the antibiotics wont actually kill off the yeast, so we do need to get to the root of it... I appreciate the suggestions. It does seem like the ears are healed. There is some gunk in there but they are not red or irritated and he is completely okay with me touching them. (they were super sore before) Scrotum and armpit area is looking a bit better as well, so something must be working!

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