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Jasmine0913 07-06-2014 01:10 PM

Tick bite
Our 3 1/2 month old puppy was bitten by a tick about 3 to 4 weeks ago. (We have since changed her flea medicine to nex guard and it is great.) We noticed Wednesday night the Jasmine was acting really weak and not eating so she was taken to the vet on Thursday. He said it was a tick illnesses and gave her antibiotics and something to help with her fever which was 104.8. My question is ddoes any one know how long it may take for her to get back to feeling like herself? She is still weak and tired all the time.

Neko 07-06-2014 01:13 PM

What tick illness? Lime or? and antibiotic, doxy? Make sure the poor little pup is getting probiotics

Jasmine0913 07-06-2014 01:18 PM

She is on oestrogen. My father-in-law took her and he could not remember what kind of tick illnesses. I plan on calling the vet Monday to make sure I am just starting to worry about her being so weak and tired all the time. We have to water her food down also so she will eat it now

Jasmine0913 07-06-2014 01:19 PM

The medicine is vetprofen it auto corrected me

gsdsar 07-06-2014 01:29 PM

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Vetprofin is generic Rimadyl. It is an NSAID. For pain and inflammation. It is not an antibiotic used to treat a tick born illness. Is that all you got? A call to the vet is needed.

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Jasmine0913 07-06-2014 01:33 PM

The other one that I thought was the anti-inflammatory is Minocycline

Neko 07-06-2014 01:50 PM

you have the two switched, careful with NSAID. Often "cycline" ending is an antibiotic. The other is from pain and fever.

BowWowMeow 07-06-2014 01:51 PM

I would not be giving a pup Rimadyl. It can ruin their liver.

The minocycline is the antibiotic to treat the tick disease.

gsdsar 07-06-2014 02:03 PM

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I would not be giving minocycline to a puppy that young either. Ruins the enamel on the adult teeth. I would ask to switch to Amoxi. Not as great on some tick born diseases, but better for the pup. Sort of, oh I actually don't know. This is a tough one. It's a toss up. Your pup is actually symptomatic, so that may change things. But talk to the Vet about side effects in a young puppy.

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Jasmine0913 07-06-2014 03:22 PM

I check the labels before I give it each time one of them is twice a day and the other is 1/2 a pill a day. I will call our vet tomorrow to check on side effects. Thank everyone so much you have all been a great help

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