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bob_barker 07-05-2014 04:04 PM

I'm sure there have been many threads about this, but I figure what's the harms in starting another.

I have my 10 month old Bob Barker. At about 6 months he started limping, favouring his front leg. It started off mild and then got very severe. And then disappeared for a few weeks. He then started again after I did some hiking with him it last again for almost a month same leg.
Now I have limited his exercise, and started giving him vitamin C daily and (touch wood), he has not shown any signs in Almost a week.
So my questions are,
Does this sound like pano? .. this is my first shepherd and after 20 years of breeding beagles this is new to me.
What else can I add to his (barf) diet that can help with this and possibly prevent it from returning?
Is swimming an "ok" exercise while he is on a break? Call me dumb, but I figure whole swimming it is more muscle power than bone which is what is being affected by this pano.
How long should I be keeping this poor boy from playing with his friends and from taking him for his walks etc. I think this backyard playing is getting boring for him!

Thanks guys!!

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LisaT 07-05-2014 05:26 PM

No experience with pano, but be sure to rule out tick disease, particularly if your dog has had exposure. Limping may be on all legs, but often may only be on the leg that the bite was closest to.

bob_barker 08-11-2014 07:46 AM

Definitely Pano, as it disappeared for over a month and has reappeared in the opposite front leg! Poor guy!!!

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ofl52 08-11-2014 10:58 AM

This is pretty interesting-I did a lot of research since I think my WGSD has shown symptoms of this too.

Beware of Bone Disease in Large Breed Puppies

Here is part one if interested

Magwart 08-11-2014 11:10 AM

Ester-C is good. Also consider fish oil and a a glucosamine-MSM-chondroitin combination pill. A holistic vet in California told me to use all those with pano, many years ago (the fish oil dose more than just a capsule--she was trying to get anti-inflammatory effects from it...sorry, I don't remember the dose as it was years ago, but a holistic vet could help you here).

Using all those supps, we cut the intensity and duration of each episode way down. His limp was barely there once the supps kicked in (after about a week), and he needed no pain meds to stay playful and perky. Before the supps, his limp was pretty severe. I really think they helped a lot.

GSDMom62 08-11-2014 11:37 AM

Sounds like Pano to me.
Our male GSD is 8 months old. When first limping, we did some research and gave him doggie aspirin. He didn't tolerate it so we discontinued and finally went to our Vet. We also suspect Pano. X-rays at the vet found good, healthy joints. He thought it might be tendonitis. Vet's advice, we did 'bed rest' for two weeks. No running, jumping, long walks, etc., basically in and out to use the bathroom. He also took Rimadyl once a day. It's mainly for older dogs with OA but it seemed to help some. The Vet suggested swimming as an alternative to running or walking on hard surfaces. Several weeks later, and off the Rimadyl, he still limps. It doesn't bother him. He runs and plays but we curtail any jumping as much as possible. In our case, it's been the same leg, and we are beginning to suspect something else. Pano is hard to diagnose and usually requires a visit to an orthopedic Vet. The Vet also recommended no walking/playing on hard surfaces. We all think it's ok for our pets to jump up and down off the bed, out of the car (in our case a Toyota 4-Runner), or off the rock retaining wall in our yards, etc., but the Vet said jumping like that isn't good for growing pups. Good luck with yours!

Magwart 08-11-2014 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by GSDMom62 (Post 5889490)
Pano is hard to diagnose and usually requires a visit to an orthopedic Vet.

Depending on how far along it is, it actually may be easy to see in x-rays. It was in my dog. The inflammation in the bone was quite visible, and the regular vet could identify it. The key is having a regular vet who knows what it is--vets who are familiar with "Shepherd problems" tend to be good at identifying it.

trcy 08-11-2014 12:03 PM

Both Riley and Kaleb had pano. Riley mostly in his front legs. Kaleb had it in all his legs of and on. It sounds like what your dog has. I was told swimming was ok. Both my dogs were not very active when their pano flared. They would occasionally play with my other two dogs, but spent more time resting on their own.

Pano defiantly shows up in xrays.

Pawsed 08-11-2014 12:49 PM

GSDMOM, your dog sounds much too much like mine for my comfort zone. I'm certainly no expert, but this does not sound like Pano to me. Pano usually moves around from leg to leg.

We got our dog when he was 6 months old, already limping, so we don't know how long he has been lame. The original diagnosis was Pano, but after a couple of months with no improvement and his limping on the same leg, we decided to seek out another vet's opinion. The true diagnosis is tendon damage to his shoulder and lesser soft tissue damage to both elbows.

This little guy also seemed to have no qualms about running as hard as he could, jumping, playing, like nothing was bothering him. But, he always limped, so something had to be wrong and causing him pain.

He's now on as much restriction as we can manage, and we are now in our 4th month of only going out for bathroom breaks. There is no other treatment but rest.

It's easily visible which shoulder has the problem. There is absolutely no muscle on that side. The other side is nicely rounded, but the injured shoulder is totally flat. We are hopeful that he will some day be sound, but it's still going to be a very long road ahead for him, with a lot of damage to repair.

Please don't dismiss your puppy's lameness as Pano and ignore other possibilities. It might be something a lot more serious, not to say that Pano isn't bad enough.

bob_barker 08-11-2014 07:16 PM

A friend of mines lab puppy who is a month younger than Bob is going through it as well right now... Both front legs at the same time the poor boy.

Just over the past few days of me being consistent of giving him his vitamin C and fish oil his limp is becoming less and less.
Took him swimming last night, I also heard that swimming is ok as long as it is not over done.

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