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Jaders 07-01-2014 09:15 PM

Can't get Gunner to eat
Gunner hasn't ( won't ) eat anything since Monday morning. I have tried everything just to get his appetite, his normal dry food, dry food & can, cheese, hotdogs, hamburger & rice, yogurt, cottage cheese and vanilla ice cream. He turns his nose every time and I have to convince him tremendously to eat. Sometimes he would take a nibble but he acted like he was only "tasting" it for me.

I can tell something wrong because he is lethargic , weak, tender by the hind end ( vaccine location ) and not his goofy self.

On Saturday I took him to get his rabies and distemper from our town vet at the humane society, where they give vaccines to cats and dogs for two hours at a discount price. I made sure he never left my side and he actually did great with the commotion. Sunday was his "gotcha day" so we took him swimming at the park (went the weekend before as well ) .

Last night I finally got him to eat, but he threw it up and had diarrhea. I called one of the vets on call ( after hours ) because I wasn't sure if it was vaccine related. He said if his temp in the 102.5 range, he'd want to look at him but doesn't believe the throwing up was vaccine related. Took his temp, 101.8. Figured let's see what morning is like.

This morning he threw up and had a few small accidents in the house ( he did happen to make one in the bathroom - good boy !! ) and still wouldn't eat. Took his temp, 103.1. I couldn't miss work so the boyfriend took him to the vet right when they opened (8 am) . The vet who saw Gunner was the gentleman who started the business ( been in business for a long time and has been good in the past - kind of reminds me of Dr. Pol for those who watch Animal Planet -- i spoke to his son last night ). The vet looked him over ( no stool sample or blood sample, no temperature check ) and said he must have a bug then proscribed Metronidazole.

Not quite sure what else to do to try to get him to eat. Do I need to have a second opinion on this or ride it out ? Just a little worried about him. :(

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SuperG 07-01-2014 09:26 PM

Not that you should take my advice....but, I do seem to remember over the years....those damned shots did knock my 4 dogs down a bit. Since you have taken the time to post here with your concerns, I am certain you will be the best judge to determine if your pup needs additional attention.

Let us know when Gunner is his good ol' self.


WVGSD 07-02-2014 02:44 PM

For what it is worth, my dogs don't eat well when they take Metronidazole.

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