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hev1128 06-30-2014 09:56 PM

Skin issue..allergies or side effects of meds/treatsments.
Background for those that don't know us.
Ginger is a 4year old rescue we got at the beginning of June.
She's amazing...but has health issues. we've discovered torn ACLs on both legs (OLD injuries) and are working with supplements/meds and rehab as treatment.
she is on Welactin, Dasaquin, Meloxicam, Gabapentin and Adaquan injections. And benedryl.
She also has an ear infection(bacterial and yeast) which she has had since the shelter. cleaning twice daily. She is on sentinel heartworm and parastar flea and tick. I feed Wellness Core Grain Free Large Breed.

Needless to say, I've been up close and personal with her since we got her. I brush her a couple times a week (she loves it). Tonight while I was rubbing her belly I felt flaky/scabby skin. I looked closer and the skin/scab came off easily (with hair attached) but left some rawness. there is a small cluster of these "sores". I cleaned them and rubbed them with udder butter. (great for dryness and sores if you've never tried it) but now I'm worried.

I will be calling the vet tomorrow but figured I'd ask you all for your thoughts. I got a pic...but am having trouble figuring that part of this site out.

Sunflowers 06-30-2014 10:21 PM

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More than likely, it is staph. We have to be very vigilant and on top of it.

The best way to control it, in my experience, is the following.
A Simple Remedy to Treat Dog Skin Infection

hev1128 07-01-2014 08:18 AM

Blanketback 07-01-2014 08:36 AM

Aww, your poor girl :( I know how much you want to help her get better. From my own experience, she might have an intolerance to chicken, so maybe switching to a fish-based kibble would help? The scabs could also be caused by a reaction to fleas, which she may have picked up along the way. I hope you can find out what's causing this, so you can get her well.

hev1128 07-01-2014 08:53 AM

We are talking about switching food to fish based. I have checked her for fleas and havent seen any. Our vet must love us by now. These "sores" dont seem to bother her unless i mess with them. They look less raw today. Sigh.

Blanketback 07-01-2014 09:06 AM

Don't despair, once you find out what's causing the issues then she'll get better. My guy has seasonal allergies and when he was on a kibble with chicken, he had ear trouble (and more) but last fall he was much better when he was off the chicken. Little changes make a big difference :) My first GSD had flea allergy dermatitis, that's what made me think of fleas in your case. Since you haven't had her long, and the sores look less raw today, she could be healing up from that - and out of the environment where she comes in contact with the fleas. Here's hoping! Good luck with your beautiful girl, and congratulations for adopting her!

carmspack 07-01-2014 09:22 AM

USNEA is terrific for staph -- even effective against MRSA's

does not sting

hev1128 07-01-2014 09:52 AM

I guess my concern is because I only just noticed it yesterday.. and it seemed to pop up quick.. anyone know if peanut butter can be a big allergen in gsd's? we started giving her her meds with pb at the end of last week and now I'm wondering if it is food maybe it's that.

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