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anitram 06-25-2014 08:14 AM

6 mo. old puppy lethargic
Hi all,

First off, we have a vet appointment this afternoon, but thought I could get some opinions in the meantime.

Hans has been really lethargic the last 3 days. Even before that, he was slowing down a bit in terms of energy for the last say week or two. I have posted elsewhere that I was worried it was a hip issue and wanted him checked out but now I'm not so sure.

I am only referring to lethargy in terms of energy, not eating or drinking. He is eating and drinking just fine, his poop is totally normal and he's peeing as usual. He begs for table scraps, wants treats, etc. But he just doesn't seem to be interested in playing that much and when he does play, it's at 50% intensity at best. And he seems to sleep all the time.

His routine is: get up at 6:15 am, go for 35-40 min run/play session in a field off-leash with neighbour's Collie and beagle, come home and have breakfast, then crated from 8-10 am, then dog walker picks him up at 10 and drives him over to her property where he can romp around for an hour with her couple of dogs and she drives him back at noon. Then he is crated 12-5:30 when we get back from work. In the evening he has another 35-45 minute walk, almost always off leash somewhere, but not with other dogs, dinner and then he typically falls asleep around 9 pm and sleeps through the night.

The last few days, after his morning romp, he comes home and collapses and sleeps until I leave for work. Usually he'd still want to go play in the yard or he'd pester me as I make my lunch or breakfast, but now he has no interest. Also in the evenings, he'll go for his walk and then fall asleep around 7:30 pm and not get up until the morning except for his last pee of the night. He also just doesn't seem to have the same energy when we get home, he isn't really interested in playing, just finding a quiet spot and lying around.

Last night and this morning we just decided to take him on short walks around the block instead of his runs in the event he was over-tired. He would barely walk and kind of dragged himself slowly and couldn't wait to go home and lie down.

In the last week, he was at my parents' Thurs/Fri (both husband and I away on business) and Sun/Mon night (we were at a wedding and didn't want to leave him alone for that long). He has been there before and absolutely loves it, else I'd honestly think he's depressed after being away. He also had a busy day on Saturday as we had a big BBQ in our backyard and one of the people brought their puppy so they literally ran around playing for 6 hours or so. I expected Hans to be tired after that but he woke up full of energy on Sunday and then since then has been on the lethargic train. I don't think it should last this long? And that wouldn't explain his general trend towards being super calm and chill.

I don't think it's heat, because even though it's been hot and muggy here, to the horror of my husband, I leave the a/c on at 72 for Hans all day as I noticed otherwise he's huffing and puffing more. I thought about pano, but he doesn't seem to favour any particular leg and he has no problem with us putting pressure on those bones, touching them, etc.

Essentially we have a 6 month old pup who is acting like a 12-year-old dog. Any ideas??

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