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Chronicles of Riddick 06-19-2014 12:58 AM

8 month old hip issues?
Hi all,

This is my first post here after a lot of reading over the past few months, so thanks in advance for your patience. I am concerned with my 8 month old pup, Riddick. First let me say we are going to the vet tomorrow but wanted to get thoughts and opinions here as well. I am worried about his rear, specifically possible HD. I know there are a lot of posts on here with concerned parents asking similar questions and I have read quite a few, but wanted to give specific examples. Heís a big boy, 8 months and now approaching 90 lbs. like his Dad. He grew fast although he is on high end, all natural diet that is supposed to make him grow slower/longer, vs. the processed foods. In the last few days heís just acted like an older dog in the sense of not playing as hard as usual, a lot of resting and moving around like he is uncomfortable. Heís not eating a lot either, but otherwise seems to feel ok. He still grabs his ball and heads to the door but doesnít run as hard/fast to fetch it, and then promptly sits or lays down after only a few tosses. He shows none of the prominent signs of HD, no bunny hop, walks/trots normally in stride. He does however single track with his back legs, and sometimes even just standing looks a little wobbly because he rarely stands with a wide stance with his rear legs. He does have a ďlooseĒ look to his walk (rear hip sway). I allow him on the furniture and when he goes to get up on anything (like the ataman or couch) just walking he just hops up with the front then pauses before lifting one of his rear legs to push up and get his rear-end up. Sometimes itís more of lifting with his front legs. Same with our high bed except being higher he hops up (laying on his chest/stomach) and I help him up. When playful and running, like chasing my daughter with one of his toys he can simply jump up and clear even the high bed. He does seem to hesitate at stairs, although he does climb them normally, one leg at a time. And now that I think back, even before training he never jumped up on anyone, even me coming home. Just circles me excited. We do play catch and Frisbee as well and he will jump to an extent to catch it, but not what you would expect from a large and powerful dog. More like mini hops at times if itís over his head. I have felt around his hips/joints with no reaction except once a few days ago I lifted one of his legs slightly while he was laying on his side, and he whimpered a bit. Which I thought odd since he likes to sleep on his back and will let both legs fall out to the sides. Quite a while ago (a few months) he did slip while turning a corner and do a compete split and cried, but got right up and kept playing. He also seems to drag his rear a little when getting up, if heís sitting on his side (but he does push up with his legs as opposed to pulling/hopping up with his front) which I had always attributed to hardwood floors which he does slide on, but as I started watching more closely itís in carpeted rooms as well, pretty much anywhere. From my understanding itís odd for a pup to show signs of HD this early. His breeder says HD is not in his line, which is a German working line that I have verified. I have also looked into Pano, but it seems to move to different areas. Iím hoping itís just from quick growth with rear muscle mass needed to catch up with his size, or perhaps a temporary injury that Iím not aware of but I seem to always expect the worst. I apologize for the long post, just wanted to put a few details that some of you can relate to and get your thoughts and opinions. I guess X-rays will tell for sure.


Shade 06-19-2014 08:39 AM

I'd do xrays for peace of mind, especially if you already have an appointment scheduled. HD can pop up at any age but can only be diagnosed via xray and if it's something else then at least you've ruled out a major contender

Chronicles of Riddick 06-19-2014 05:48 PM

X-ray scheduled for tomorrow morning, hoping for the best. The vet really couldn't say for sure anything, but I guess tomorrow I will find out for sure. He's not feeling good today, just laying around...

Castlemaid 06-19-2014 07:17 PM

As long as you are doing X-rays, ask for the hocks/stiffles to be done. Could be the ACL (knee) issue.

Chronicles of Riddick 06-21-2014 12:02 AM

Not good news
Worse than I thought. X-ray shows he has no hip all. Basically said there are no surgery options with him as far as THR because there is nothing to replace. Basically joint supplements, and pain management. Any advice or other options would be greatly appreciated. Honestly I'm just in shock right now. Eight months old with no hips to speak of, a few bone spurs already showing and signs of arthritis. Oddly enough after he got over the grogginess from the X-ray all he's wanted to do was play today...just heartbroken.

lalachka 06-21-2014 12:07 AM

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Omg I'm sorry.

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Alena Gonzalez 06-21-2014 12:13 AM

I'm so sorry!! Have you spoken to the breeder??

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Chronicles of Riddick 06-21-2014 01:38 AM

I've tried contacting the breeder, no reply as of yet.

carmspack 06-21-2014 08:03 AM

"His breeder says HD is not in his line, which is a German working line that I have verified."

How well does he know this "his" line .

want to post the pedigree?

So very sorry for the worst news possible.

wyominggrandma 06-21-2014 09:34 AM

Talk to vet about FHO surgery. This will at least stop bone on bone pain Once a false joint forms it's like back to normal.

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