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lyssa62 06-12-2014 11:02 AM

again with the puking ....
Roxy has been checked out by vet-- no health concerns..panels ok -- xrays -- show nothing.

Random pukes -- of whole undigested kibble meals. It started at every 2 weeks almost like clockwork...then we had stretched to 4 weeks and I thought the changing to 2 times a day of feeding and adding some wet blue buffalo had done the trick ...also switched to strictly lamb and rice blue buffalo...

yesterday another puke ...this time it had only been 2 weeks since the last one and before that 4 weeks.

One added scene in this is that for the past few months Roxy has started to be skittish when the dishwasher is running. I have tried to time it to running it when we are headed out for hikes...that way it's done when we get home. Yesterday it was raining and there were all kinds of things going on here that were going to prevent the I started the dishwasher. The panting, the pacing , the being glued to my side started. It was about an hour after the dishwasher was done running that the puke happened.

Can things like that get a dog so worked up that they would puke? The vet doesn't seem concerned and said sometimes dogs will just puke and that as long as she's healthy otherwise it might just be something she does. He comments on how healthy she is every time we are in there.

When do I need to start being worried? I don't get cats throw up 3 or 4 times a week and we don't worry about it...the shepherd throws up and we all get crazy with worry :(

MaggieRoseLee 06-12-2014 11:47 AM

What x-rays?

Barium for mega-esophagus?

And don't freak if it is mega, if your dog is good health and weight they will live long healthy life (I've had 2 mega dogs so know what I'm talking about). But it would explain what you are seeing.

martemchik 06-12-2014 12:22 PM

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How long after her meal is she regurgitating?

If its right after the meal, its probably something like eating too fast, or possibly she has been hungry for a while, had a build up of stomach acid, and when something hits the stomach, she pukes it up. My boy does that sometimes and used to puke straight bile when he'd be hungry because he was bad about eating his food (another dog and a different food has helped with that). But once in while, he'll puke right after the meal because of the build up of acid.

If the dog is puking whole kibble HOURS after the meal, it does point to mega-e. The kibble should be getting digested and the only way it doesn't is that its stuck in the esophagus.

lyssa62 06-13-2014 10:13 AM

when she throws up it's hours after eating...and it looks like at least 1 meal of kibble that's partially undigested

I think it was just regular xrays .. I don't think it was barium ...he just said there was nothing on there to concern him and just to keep an eye on it but that some dogs just puke randomly

I love this vet and would trust him with my own life...but if you think I need to demand something more in tests? And with this mega thing ??? is there medicine? does it require surgery ? is it just something we deal with?

blackshep 06-13-2014 10:19 AM

Mega-E there are meds yes, and they should be fed in a Bailey chair. Might be something to investigate and at least rule out.

MaggieRoseLee 06-13-2014 10:43 AM

lyssa62, first just want to say that if your dog is normal size/health then do NOT worry if it is mega esophagus. Cause as soon as I post a link and info about the condition you will be brought into a world of gloom and doom but it's for the pups that are severely afflicted.

And it's not your vets fault if he didn't consider mega, there are so many genetic issues in so many breeds it's hard to keep track of. And most vets only see mega in the dying dogs, so to see a healthy dog and consider it would generally not be part of their thought process.

I've had TWO mega dogs that had (have?) healthy and normal lives with little or no management from me. But they only had the condition mildly WHICH I THINK MAY BE YOUR DOGS SITUATION.

The Bailey chair is for dogs that are literally starving to death because without it 100% of the food never reaches their stomach so gravity has to be used to help.

The MOST IMPORTANT part of using barium and knowing, is for your breeder. They need to know this information to NOT do a repeat breeding and realize it's present in their lines. It CAN be so severe that puppies can die, as well as older dogs. So the knowledge is key so they can use it when they pick outside dogs to breed to.



Once again, if it's mega and you are staring at a normal healthy dog DO NOT FREAK OUT! Here's my GloryB, she's 5 years old and I've never had any problems with her and the condition.

lyssa62 06-13-2014 04:19 PM

I am really thinking it's NOT that...the more I read. Roxy is so healthy otherwise...she's def not starving...again our vet says she's perfect weight and to try and maintain her right where she is...coat ...he always comments on how nice of a coat she has...also comments on how she keeps her toenails buffed ( he used a different word)...and he has other people come in the room just to look at how white her teeth are. I'm really not exaggerating on any of this...that's why I think we are both stumped when all is well with the rest of her and just this random puking. NOW though I wonder if she didn't get herself all worked up with the dishwasher running...that I also need to include things that might have "stressed her" before the far I have only kept track of how much was thrown up ..what it looked like ..and the date. I wrote down with this one...ran dishwasher. She literally gets herself panting and pacing... won't let me get up to go near it....I've even tried taking her in there with it running and sitting by it so she can see it's nothing to be concerned about...and it's strange because she used to sleep by it when it was running.
I guess just another avenue I want to look at to see if a situation might be showing up at the same time????

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