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dieselpower65 06-03-2014 04:23 PM

Dog acne? switched dog food
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My 2 1/2 year old gsd has started getting what i think is dog acne. We got him when he was about 1 year old and we were feeding him royal canin gsd formula and he did not have any dog acne. We have since switched him over to wellness core large breed formula about a month in a half ago and since then he has had a few bumps around his snout and under his mouth. Could this be from the dog food maybe a allergic reaction or is it just normal?

huntergreen 06-03-2014 06:45 PM

my guess would be allergic reaction. go back back to old food and see if this reaction stops.

huntergreen 06-03-2014 06:46 PM

also, far from an expert.

TigervTeMar 06-03-2014 07:14 PM

my guy had a bump like that when he was much younger. it was a small skin infection that needed antibiotics. I don't think it's dog acne

edit - just googled dog acne and it does look alot like you might be right. I would take him to a vet for a professional opinion. and like the person before me I'm far from an expert

dieselpower65 06-03-2014 09:47 PM

Well the only problem with going back to royal canin is they switched there ingredients. I wanted to get a better dog food for him anyways the only thing i can think is switch the food again to another brand. And the bumps will go away within a few days so thats why i think its acne.

dieselpower65 06-03-2014 09:47 PM

what other signs of an allergic reaction would you be able to see if he was allergic to the dog food

sehrgutcsg 06-04-2014 12:18 AM

I don't think this is food related, so the switch is not a big deal. YARD, what is going on outside during play when your not around. Digging, nesting, thorn bushes, bee sting ect.. ??

Something else, should not be a big deal, they heal up and go away. It does not look like fungus. I have never heard of acne on animals and I don't know it all. Tell them/us activity's. One dog I had - had a bump like that on his front upper gum line. It went away after my friend played with him with a toy and the bump was disturbed, by the toy. Wierd story.. Google: dog mouth sores, it's close enough..


dieselpower65 06-04-2014 02:22 PM

The yard has not changed nor has he done anything different back there. He has pretty much the same routine and goes all the same places. The reason i mentioned the food change is thats the only thing that has changed for him and thats when he started getting a few bumps under his mouth also. And he has had worse gas then he used to . The only other thing is treats which he doesn't get a lot of.

dieselpower65 06-04-2014 02:24 PM

also if you look up dog acne on images you'll see some stuff that looks the same just if your curios sehrgutcsg

dieselpower65 06-06-2014 10:30 PM

any other opinions??

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