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Carucm 05-29-2014 09:13 AM

1st heat - throwing up?
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Hi everyone,

My girl just went into her first heat at 7 months. Started with bleeding last week but other than that all normal behavior. Her bleeding seems to have tapered off to some spotting this week, but now she's showing some other odd symptoms.

She's thrown up the past two mornings, at the same time both days, before breakfast. Her poop and day time behavior is otherwise normal. Could this just be related to her heat, or should I be concerned?

Also, she's gotten super fidgety at night. She normally sleeps like a rock through the night in or out of her crate. We've been crating her overnight because of the bleeding, but in the past two nights (in alignment with the puking) it's like she cannot get comfortable or something. She keeps getting up, laying back down, getting up, laying back down, turning around, laying back down. Which was keeping us up all night. We eventually let her out of the crate last night to see if that made a difference, but she did the same thing. She would lay on one side of the bed. Then move 4 feet down. Then move to the end, then to the other side, then out to the living room. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. No crying or whining, just constant moving and laying back down.

I know females do some weird things when they're in heat. Has anyone ever encountered this stuff before? Or should I get her looked at.

huntergreen 05-29-2014 09:26 AM

is she licking her discharge? could cause the vomiting.

Carucm 05-29-2014 09:55 AM

Yes, she has been cleaning herself, but she was doing it more frequently last week and never got sick from it so I didn't really make the correlation.

mego 05-29-2014 12:47 PM

is it bile? maybe she's hungry. Heat takes a lot out of them, I fed mine more when she was in heat. Did you take the diaper off while she was sleeping in her crate? It's possible if you left it on she can't get comfortable. I let mine sleep naked in her crate and I just wiped her crate down in the morning if she got anything in there

Carucm 06-04-2014 11:34 AM

It wasn't really bile, more like her food from the night before. She was fine for a week after my last post - no puking, full energy and apatite, big healthy poops. Then yesterday she started acting totally not herself. Very lethargic, not drinking water and barely eating. She's got diarrhea again. She took a few bites of food and a few drinks of water when I led her to it, but it was like a chore. She did eat cheese out of my hand and peanut butter out of her kong. And when walking her, she's normal. But in the house she's barely moving or showing interest in anything. Note- SHE IS STILL IN HEAT.

I've read a lot about girls refusing their food when they're in heat, but combined with these other symptoms its alarming. Probably going to make a vet appt for tonight or tomorrow, I just hate the idea that I'm going to pay big $$ for them to tell me nothing and have her be fine.

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