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meli 05-25-2014 04:16 AM

4month puppy Symptoms: Nervous, biting, not appetizing, crying
Dear German Shepherd owners,

we have a 4 month old puppy that suddenly yesterday had these symptoms,
he is having strange nervous behavior similar to as if a person was locked closed somewhere (if it can be described so), he is biting anything around, our shoes when we approach, not aggressively/hardly but nervously, he does not have appetize for food or even treats (white cheese, one of their favorite), he is crying on intervals amongst other symptoms. He is living and having the same food with his brothers and sisters who have no problematic behavior at all. We think he is kind of suffering from something but the veterinarian did not have any idea about what it could be. He is experienced as he cures our dogs for years. The puppy has had all the must vaccinations up to this age plus anti-parasite external and anti-insect for his digestive system . Does anyone have any idea what it might be? what should we search for ? thank you

I must also note that they live in a yard for the moment without access to plants, or other items that he could have swallowed and that the 3 of the 7 puppies were given away to some owners the day he started having these symptoms.

*excuse the incorrect terms, I do not know the English proper translation

Mary Beth 05-25-2014 05:26 PM

It seems to me that he is teething. He could be more sensitive or is starting earlier than the remaining pups. Try giving him chew toys, ice cubes, and take an old wash cloth - wet it and tie it in knots and put it in the freezer. Take it out when it is cold and give to him. If he doesn't like plain ice cubes, try freezing beef or chicken broth.

wolfy dog 05-25-2014 06:08 PM

in addition, make his kibble soft by soaking it in warm water for ten minutes

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