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Drew Orleans 05-24-2014 11:35 AM

Puppy tore up paws.
I'm an idiot...

I took my little guy to the pool yesterday to keep introducing him to water. He did well but there was another dog/playmate there and they were racing around the pool having fun. After several minutes of swimming and chase I called him back and his last two steps before his sit stay had a slight limp. He hadn't limped at all before so I figured he stepped on something.

After drying off I noticed a little blood and immediately started kicking myself.

As it turns out, he tore all of his paws up pretty good. I don't think they are bad enough to require liquid stitches or anything... just a little cleaning 2-3x a day and booties on when we go out to potty.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I'll post pics in a bit so you can see the damage.

pyratemom 05-24-2014 11:42 AM

Epson salt is good for paw pad injuries like that. The pool deck was probably nonslip coated which is rough on paws. My old guy cut his foot on some glass and I was worried it wouldn't heal but my vet had me use Epsom Salt. I dissolved the salt in warm water then sat on the floor with my dog and used a sponge to hold the Epsom Salt water on his foot. At the sponge cooled off I would resoak it and wring it out and continue. The water stays warm for awhile but he would have no part of sitting with his foot in the water so the sponge idea was born and it worked quite well. His foot healed quickly and didn't get any infection. Good luck with you puppy paws.

Drew Orleans 05-24-2014 11:49 AM

Tratkins 05-24-2014 12:28 PM

Poor pup! My puppy loves running around our pool too while we are playing in it. Thankfully that hasn't happened to him but I will be careful with that from now on. The worst thing that happened was when he got so excited he fell right in. We found out he can swim though! It didn't phase him a bit, we got him out and he went right back to playing! Silly dog. He hasn't learned to love swimming yet but he will get on the top step to cool down when it is hot. The Epsom salts sound like a great idea. And I hope he heals quickly so he can get back to playing!

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