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NancyJ 05-23-2014 08:58 AM

Calling all folks with elbow=DJD1
Just thought I would start a thread on this. Beau was rated with it. It means there is no joint defect is found on the OFA X-ray of the elbows other than apparent additional calification on the edge of the ulna.

DJD1 only shows apparent and slight calcification on one surface but other levels of DJD show it on multiple surfaces and have a high correlation with some unseen actual defect.

Most I have talked with have not seen further development or impairment but I am going to a rehab vet anyway to come up with a physical conditioning plan to ensure a long working life and manage if problems should develop.

I am very frustrated that my vet did NOT suggest an adidtional elbow view used for diagnostic purposes since I paid for spine x-rays because my goal was to predict working dog issues related to soundness. Back and hips were good, BTW. It would have been an easy extra shot to take!

As is, I don't plan to knock him out for futher elbow shots or CAT scans though I would, if we consider breeding or if he developed any signs of lameness.

According to OFA, DJD1 elbows produce a higher percent dysplastic offspring than Normals, even though there is not a high correlation to dysfunction. But DJD1 is really a "we don't know so we will err on the side of caution"

Just looking for personal experiences and insights. We focus so much on hips but bad elbows can be far more devestating to the dog.

wolfstraum 05-23-2014 10:27 AM

Sorry to hear this......One elbow or both? From what I understand, if it is only 1 elbow, there is a possibility of incident damage....not genetic, but no way to tell....

The SV system is not a Pass/Fail system as OFA....they have the same delineations as hips...normal, fast normal and almost normal (NZ).....and quite a few dogs work and compete with fast and almost normal elbows - and have been bred without producing bad elbows...friend has an NZ male who went to 4 different World Championships over 5 years, won and was top 2-4 in quite a few national is 8 now and still pups so far with bad elbows either....

I would not get too too upset about grade 1 elbows if they do not have serious structural compromises...


NancyJ 05-23-2014 10:31 AM

Both. ...No other noted issues like FCP or UAP just DJD1. I have heard many tales of dogs multiple schIII, or other competition dogs with similar rating who were never lame and whose x-rays never worsened. I will say I am being more consistent with not letting him jump off the tailgate than before.

NancyJ 05-23-2014 10:45 AM

I am actually not sure what TO look for other than lameness or to get some other shots should he need to go under for some reason........Or I guess they could do it without sedation. I have not talked with anyone yet where DJD1 progressed further to lameness.

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