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lokimonster 05-18-2014 08:48 PM

AWFUL smelling breath!!!
My 5 month old puppy has had pretty much odorless breath for the last couple months since his "puppy breath" went away. But the last few days he has suddenly developed really really stinky breath, it smells like something died in there! I have to roll the windows down in my car when he's in there and he stinks up a room if he's panting! :help:

I was wondering what the cause could be and if I should be worried. Also, the last few days have probably been extra stressful for him because his regular daily routine was completely turned upside down. so I don't know if that could be a possible cause?

Anyways, if anyone has any advice/insight, I would very much appreciate it!

Sunflowers 05-18-2014 08:53 PM

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Teething :) It will pass.

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