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Banditsmom78 05-10-2014 07:30 AM

SIBO, Tylan, our food, our journey
Bandit is now 18 months old and finally starting to put on weight !!
From 8 weeks to about 10 months we had undiagnosed GI issues- thanks to this forum and countless hours of research and knowing my dog - I decided to forgo a biopsy and treat with Tylan- our miracle in a bottle-
I am a huge supporter of raw feeding however my GSD is allergic to chicken beef lamb turkey venison duck- infact the only food he tolerates well and thrives on is FISH based foods so I switched him to Honest Kitchen Zeal and his stool immediately improved - that was last Sept.

Fast forward a few months- what I've realized is Bandit can not digest actual KIBBLE pieces bc of the damage done to his mucosal system and intestines caused by the SIBO.

I am treating that with Phytomucil and Grizzly salmon fish oil.

Brain storm- My dog can eat wet food no problems- honest kitchen, canned wellness ocean core... hmmmm what if I grind up his kibble and prepare it the same way I do his raw dehydrated??? VOILA!!! At $105 a box of ZEAL that lasts 10 days over the past month we have successfully transitioned him
Into ground INNOVA TABLE FISH FORMULA GRAIN FREE- ground to a fine powder in my NutriBullet- and I use Honest kitchens preference base to mix it in with.

B12 shots
Phytomucil before meals, Tylan 1/8 tsp w breakfast and dinner, Proviable DC probiotcs w lunch- and a pump of grizzly salmon oil w each meal- firm stools- 2.4 lb weight gain this week bc he was only 64 lbs 2 weeks ago when we started the b12 and now he is 66.4 !!!!

Natural healing and a little research ok- A LOT of research- and you fine people here for all the GSD undiagnosed diarrhea boards- Bandit tested negative dr EPI over a year ago and I was at a loss- for those of you whose dogs don't seem to tolerate KIBBLE no matter what you try- Tylan is available from fosters and smith at $55 a bottle- and although it's somewhat annoying to be grinding kibble 3 times a day- it sure beats a $neverending vet bill and a happy healthy dog is priceless!!!!

Banditsmom78 05-10-2014 07:38 AM

Btw- the undiagnosed go issues were almost 10 months of chronic watery rocket diarrhea- that stopped immediately w Tylan and grain free fish based raw dehydrated wet food- no matter what kibble we tried including the garbage the vets prescribe it wouldn't stop- and metrodiazinole didn't help AT ALL...

Gretchen 05-13-2014 02:53 PM

I'm glad you found a "cure" to your dog's GI problems. THK has been so wonderful for us, we still use it. Like you, I realized it was the kibble that was upsetting our dog's GI system - the actual texture. Two vets thought is was food allergies and it turns out Molly can eat any type of protein. I never thought to actually grind the kibble, you must have a powerful food processor or blender.

Our old vet tried to make me feel guilty for feeding raw type products, but the new one is more accepting and is OK with whatever works as long as Molly is not overweight (the vet's pet peeve).

DutchKarin 05-13-2014 03:01 PM

I had an Aussie with GI problems and did exactly what you are doing, grinding it up ( a bit hard on the blender... that kibble is hard stuff). It seemed that after a year, I could get him back on small pellet kibble with a good dose of water and wet food. I also soaked kibble overnight and that seemed to help too. Best.

Banditsmom78 05-13-2014 06:32 PM

i have a nutribullet and that thing blasts his kibble into dust in about 10 seconds flat :)

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