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KayDub 05-07-2014 10:43 PM

Issue with foot on pup
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This may be a silly question, and it may be totally nothing at all but I feel I should ask opinions.
My pup is now around 9wks since before I got her when she was still with the breeder she has had an issue with a swollen toe and the nail not growing properly. I noticed it when I brought her home the foot was swollen the toenail on that side was odd. I asked my vet which they of course said keep an eye on it so the nail doesnt become ingrown. Her nail is still only a nub of what it should be. Below are pictures the first being a pic from the breeder when the pups began to open their eyes. Hard to see them but its a fairly self explanatory issue, any ideas??

Btw its the outside toe on her right of her foot if you can even see it

my boy diesel 05-07-2014 11:21 PM

they really need to get that under control before much more time passes
its like a nail infection
the breeder should have done this for you at the vet

KayDub 05-08-2014 12:05 AM

Yes, I was very disappointed when i seen something wrong then noticed it was much worse in the picture i received from the breeder. I felt bad for my pups mom also as she lost nine pups out of that litter & I didn't like i wasn't informed of the milk disease & all that had occurred until I had handed the money over for the pup. I still would have took her regardless but I wanted to ask about this toe thing on here since my vet said to just watch it then failed to look at it themselves on her last visit. I will probably make a trip further out to a bigger vet office to at least get her checked up & receive a second opinion.

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