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lzingales 05-07-2014 12:34 AM

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I have a 18 month old gsd. A month ago I found a bump or something on her leg... Thought it was a tick at first, but when taking a closer look I noticed that it's under the skin... I took her to the vet and she said that it looks like a cyst and that if it doesn't bother her and she not licking it or anything not to worry about it. Said that sometimes when removing it could make it worse..

I'm just curious if anyone else has had a similar situation happen with there gsd. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!,
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huntergreen 05-07-2014 01:46 PM

have had cats and dogs with cysts. i agree with your vet, if it is not bothering your dog, leave it alone.

MaggieRoseLee 05-08-2014 02:00 PM

Keep an eye on it. If it's a cyst, sometimes they disappear, and sometimes they come to a head to burst and drain.

huntergreen 05-10-2014 01:46 AM

what are you deciding to do OP ?

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