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Spooki 05-06-2014 07:14 PM

Multiple Hairs Growing From One Hair Follicle... On Face?
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Ok so noticed a bit of an odd thing on my 11 month old female GSDs snout...
I was just petting her and rubbing her nose when I noticed a small little patch that seemed to be a bit "harder/more raised" then the rest, and thought maybe there was a small scab or something under her hair. I tried parting her short face hair and noticed a kind of tuft of hair all together, but she ran off playing so I didn't bother her again until tonight when she was asleep I turned the light on and had a proper look and there is definitely a hair follicle that looks quite expanded (compared to normal) that has a tuft of maybe.. 50 short hairs growing from it (it sounds really bad when explained but its not THAT bad or noticeable until you look closely, just sounds worse) and she halso has another follicle beside that one a bit smaller with less amount of hairs coming from it and I think an even smaller one on the top of her head (all I've noticed so far:crazy:). I know this is not normal as it should be just ONE hair coming from each of these follicles. I gave a quick search on Google to see if it has been asked before but just found one similar question on a different website about somebody asking about their Pomeranian I think that had a similar thing but on the dogs back. The answer said that it sounded like the dog had some condition or something when the supposable sheded / dead hair is not falling out and more hairs are growing alongside it which a vet would need to check as it could get infected. This sounds fair enough but I find it strange that this would be on my dogs face? Do dogs shed much from this area? Just wondered has anyone here seen such a thing or know whats going on? I'm just worried as the follicle where the bigger tuft is coming from looks way bigger then the 'pinhole' way its supposed to be...?

P.S. I tried taking a picture (impossible as it's so small and close up with the over exposed flash etc) but you may be able to work it out. The small hair tuft is kind of visible just below the white patch of exposed skin between my fingers (excuse the chipped nail polish :rolleyes:)... See attatchment

huntergreen 05-06-2014 10:46 PM

can't tell anything by the picture. i would just have the vet take a peak at this next you are in to him/her. doubt it is anything to be concerned about as long as it is not bothering your pup.

truckola 05-06-2014 11:20 PM

Is it Vibrissae (whiskers)? They are not only along the nose, there is one set on each side below the eye just behind the mouth, under the jaw and above the eyes.

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers Under Their Chin? | Dog Care - The Daily Puppy

Spooki 05-07-2014 11:37 AM

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Thanks for the replies, I'll be getting her spayed the middle of this month so I'll wait until then to ask the vet to check it. But no it's definitely not whiskers or anything it's the same length hair as the rest of the short hair on her face its just slightly raised because of the amount growing from one area..? Here's a diagram (attached) of what I'm guessing is a regular human hair follicle which I'm sure is similar enough to a dogs. This just shows the normal ONE hair strand coming from the follicle, my dog has got a kind of bunch of hair coming from that which has expanded the skin opening I guess to make room for the multiple hairs.. Definitely unnatural, as the rest of the hair on her face would be as the diagram shows (I can't find a diagram with the multiple hairs I'm trying to explain):confused:

Spooki 05-07-2014 11:45 AM

And yeah I don't think it is actually bothering her at all, not that I've noticed but I'm sure it will if it gets worse, would imagine it would eventually get irritating... :(

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