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Matemari 05-05-2014 11:30 PM

Skin Cancer? Can someone give me an opinion

My mother lives in a rural zone of Colombia (south America), the medical attention, treatment and technology is limited.

Her 6 years old GSD has been diagnosed with skin cancer. The diagnosed is base on observation, a basic blood test, basic skin test and development of the sickness.

At the beginning was treated for fungus, and skin infection, but after several months, almost 1 year and ˝ the doctor said that it is definitely Cancer.

I have the blood test and everything seems normal (I am not a doctor, just checking the normal average vs the result in the paper)

Anyway here are the pictures of the dog, please be aware that can be hard to see, do not open this if you are too sensible:

She is very active, runs during the day, eats well and play with other dogs. My mother is waiting until her behavior change before considering an euthanasia.

I am not there with her, I live in the other side of the world in Australia

Any comment or help would be incredible appreciated.

NancyJ 05-06-2014 05:56 AM

Has the dog been checked for Thyroid? Cushings? Mange (can be tricky sometimes)
I am no expert on skin issues with dogs but those are some ideas that come to mind.

BorderKelpie 05-06-2014 06:31 AM


Originally Posted by jocoyn (Post 5477938)
Has the dog been checked for Thyroid? Cushings? Mange (can be tricky sometimes)
I am no expert on skin issues with dogs but those are some ideas that come to mind.

I'm thinking the same thing. Possibly a flea issue, maybe?

If she were mine, I would inspect for fleas and mites and run at least a thyroid panel.

I hope your mom can get this sorted out soon. Poor dog looks miserable.

Matemari 05-06-2014 09:14 AM

It is not thyroid, has been tested. or fleas.
Cushings or mange, not sure i will ask.
Thank you a lot for those ideas.

Jax08 05-06-2014 09:49 AM

That looks like mange to me.

I think skin cancers come in the form of tumors. What I see looks like classic mange. It could be sarcoptic or demodectic mange.

huntergreen 05-06-2014 10:22 AM

skin cancer can only be diagnosed with a biopsy. looks like mange to me, can be diagnosed with a skin scraping. can your mother travel to a more modern vet?

Sunflowers 05-06-2014 12:57 PM

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Oh, for goodness sake, that is not skin cancer! Take a look at this, skin cancer does not look like that at all.
dog skin cancer - Yahoo Image Search Results

What is this dog eating?
It could be either a reaction to food, or, as was said above, mange, which can be easily treated. Please don't euthanize the dog, and see if you can find another veterinarian.
Better yet, get some medication in Australia and see if you can send it to her.
If you can't do that, have her try some of these natural remedies:

* A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and borax is one of the best remedies used for mange. However, be sure to not confuse borax with boric acid. Use one to two tablespoons of borax for every 500 cc of 1% hydrogen peroxide, making sure that it thoroughly dissolves. Bathe the dog in it once a week. Do not rinse off and do not wipe the dog dry. Let the solution dry naturally so that it can be absorbed by the skin. Please note that this treatment should not be used longer than a two month period.

* Regular bathing and brushing helps remove scaly skin and scabs.

* Colloidal silver is an excellent way of ridding the body of any type of infection. Apply topically to all affected areas, including the inside of the ears and also put in the dog's water daily.

* Acidophilus is effective in eliminating mange from inside the ears. Wash the inside of the ears with no more than two tablespoons of plain yogurt.

* Raw apple cider vinegar is effective when applied topically and when mixed in the dog's meal. One tablespoon mixed in his food should be sufficient.

* A couple of drops of olive oil applied to the mangy skin patches not only will soothe the irritated skin, but will also be effective in killing the mites.

* Drop a sliced lemon with the peels still left intact into boiling water and let steep overnight. Using a sponge, apply the mixture to the dog's coat.

* Honey has astonishing antiseptic, antioxidant, and cleansing qualities. Apply raw honey to affected areas.

* Make sure to wash all bedding and keep it as sterile as possible until the dog recovers.

Feeding a dog properly and adding dietary supplements is an important part of healing. A raw diet is strongly recommended, as it facilitates healing and is the best way to insure your pet's health.

Supplements that help alleviate itch and improve skin conditions are vitamin E, vitamin C, and fish oil.

Matemari 05-07-2014 07:08 AM

Thank you all for the help, I am explaining all of these options to my mother.
Lupi (the GSD) has been in a natural diet for some months, my mother already try the apple vinegar and some medicated shampoos, but definitely the vet is terrible.
Not to many options in the farm, and going to the city is not easy but she is looking everywhere for help.
I will keep you posted with the evolution, thank you again.

RebelGSD 05-07-2014 10:44 AM

I agree with everybody, this does not look like skin cancer and could potentially be very treatable after proper diagnosis.
Skin cancer is not a real diagnosis even, they would have to tell you what type of cancer. I guess, since she is not responding to treatment, they decided to chalk it up to cancer.

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