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hvtopiwala 04-15-2014 12:48 AM

lumps behind my guys lips
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my girlfriend and I were playing with my shiloh shepherd (hes going to turn 2 may 1st), and she noticed some bumps behind his upper lip in front of his front teeth. i have attached the best pic i could. i have a vet appointment scheduled for thursday (earliest they had), but just wanted to know if you guys have seen something like this...

trcy 04-15-2014 01:05 AM

I really don't know what it is. Doing a quick search all I can find is it's best to take them to the vet. It's good you have the appointment set. :)

Treating Dog Mouth Sores

MiaMoo 04-15-2014 01:08 AM

Look up canine oral papillomas. Viral warts. Looks exactly like what you have posted.

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truckola 04-15-2014 07:33 AM

Yep warts Tails-A-Wagging Dog Blog: Canine Papilloma Virus try l-lysine twice a day with meals, cleared up my pups warts in around a month.

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