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lokimonster 04-10-2014 03:18 PM

Oral flea control... Trifexis??
So, last week, my vet convinced me to buy Trifexis for heartworm and flea control... It would be very nice if for flea control because Im living in Houston for the next few months and I take my dog is always picking up fleas!

However, I am a little disturbed about a pesticide staying in his blood for a whole month!! Is there any kind of research that shows that this does not affect the health of the dog?
Also, I read so many horror stories of dogs having seizures or dying from it. My vet convinced me that it is totally fine and dogs very rarely have these kinds of issues. But im still a little scared to give it to my pup!

So if anyone on here has had positive/negative experience giving their dog trifexis/comfortis, i'd love to hear about it, and I'd also be interested in hearing opinions on dogs having pesticides in their blood for month should be concerning in regards to the dogs overall health.

Thanks so much in advance!!

GSDAlphaMom 04-10-2014 03:35 PM

My vet who is a breeder told me to never use that stuff. She is a friend so I get the 'real' recommendation. She recommends using the topicals.

onyx'girl 04-10-2014 03:37 PM

Pax8 04-10-2014 03:38 PM

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I've used it since my pup was small and haven't had a problem with it. No sickness, no lethargy, no dry skin. I have heard of more natural ways to treat for fleas such as diatomaceous earth, but I have not used it myself and cannot speak to its effectiveness. While the Trifexis is a pesticide, I would rather expose my dog to a pesticide that has a minimal chance of affecting his health than go without or with something less effective and raise his risk of dealing with the pain of heartworm. At least, that's my view on it.

And it can always also depend on the dog. Just as you'll probably hear about dogs getting sick on Trifexis but doing fine with a spot-on, I'm sure you'll hear about dogs getting sick off the spot-ons but doing great on a pill like Trifexis. With any new medication, my biggest piece of advice is to monitor your dog closely the first couple times you use it to make sure it's right for your dog.

Gretchen 04-10-2014 04:17 PM

Once I read this article a few months ago, I stopped it. Molly also was lethargic the last time we gave it to her. I don't give flea meds year round, but in TX, I imagine you need to. So now I space the heartworm and flea meds a couple weeks apart so my dog is not getting too much poison at one time.

GSDAlphaMom 04-10-2014 04:44 PM

I'm in north Texas and only use it once a year. I am fortunate though to not have a flea issue.

I would be concerned about long term effects of Trifexes even if the dog tolerated it in the short term.

erintaylor1995 04-10-2014 04:45 PM

My pup has also used trifexis since I got him and I really like it. It works on fleas really well.

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llombardo 04-10-2014 06:10 PM

I'm trying Nexgard for a couple months. I also use the Scalibor flea collar. I have a homemade spray for in between and I also put DE on them and in their food. I don't like fleas and I hate ticks.

DHau 04-10-2014 08:47 PM

The first time I used it, Tosca vomited. I was warned by the vet that was a possibility and that the 2nd time she took it, she would be fine. That was all true and had no side effects since taking it.

Now recently a fellow member here told me that her dog had allergies and this drug had complicated it even more. I wondered if this was a possibility in my case because last year Tosca's allergies were the worst ever experienced. I originally attributed it to rain and mold but now I am not so sure. I am giving her herbal supplements and digestive enzymes and no Trifexis. So far, mild scratching and little paw licking. This year I am going to skip the Trifexis and see how it goes. Usually we have staph infections by this time of year and thus far nothing warranting a trip to the vet. Knock on wood. I will know as time goes by if Trifexis had anything to do with her past skin problems.

lokimonster 04-12-2014 01:02 PM

Thank you all for sharing! I'm thinking I will at least try other options for now... Can't wait to get back to the PNW where fleas are not so much of a problem!

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