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brembo 03-29-2014 05:13 PM

Sorta quick help/advice needed
My 13 month old is making me VERY nervous.

After sleeping she got up and drank a decent bit of water. 30 seconds maybe? Then 5 minutes later started crying in pain. Tummy was tight-ish. Rhythmic muscle tensioning and loosening, a bit of gas. Could not settle down, was in obvious pain.

Now, she is back to normal, a bit weirded out and likely feeding off my worry. Running about and acting 90% of her normal puppy idiot self. Tummy feels fine but that rhythmic muscle tense/release is still barely there.

I called the e-vet and explained this all carefully and they said to wait it out and be hyper vigilant. Right now I think she shocked her tummy with a big ingestion of cold-cold water. I am staying at home tonight to keep an eye on her and will immediately drag her to the e-vet if I get even a whiff of bloat.

My question now is: Is there anything I can do to stack the deck in her favor? Ahhhh, awesome she just ripped a nasty one, that's good. I think I am out of the woods on this one but would still like advice/tips on things to watch and do for the next 24-36 hours to assure a happy outcome.

wyoung2153 03-29-2014 05:22 PM

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Make sure she's drinking and eating normal. Keep an eye on her tummy and make sure it's not tensing up or pulsating again.. I still may call another emergency vet just to ask and get another professional opinion.

brembo 03-29-2014 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by wyoung2153 (Post 5292145)
Make sure she's drinking and eating normal. Keep an eye on her tummy and make sure it's not tensing up or pulsating again.. I still may call another emergency vet just to ask and get another professional opinion.

This place is top-flight. I spoke with a doc too. They pretty much said to bring her in if I get antsy. She is acting almost 100% right now, stretching and not exactly frolicking but being the knob she normally is. No pulsing that I can discern, tail a floppin around. Called work and I'm not going in, gonna pay for that move too.

wyoung2153 03-29-2014 05:37 PM

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Well good :) def keep an eye on it.. Had something random happen to Titan one night too, told my work either I wasn't coming in, or Titan was coming to work with me.. Titan came with me :)

GatorBytes 03-29-2014 06:06 PM

Do you have activated charcoal on hand? If no, go get some they usually come in 260mg capsules. This will neutralize gas. Some say having gas-x on hand in case of emergency too. I think the quick dissolve strips - just make sure they don't contain xylitol. But I go natural first - 2x 260mg. repeat a couple hrs later if needed. She may have black poop after.

Also - take her for a 15 min walk - this will stimulate the gastro-intestinal tract to move things along.

brembo 03-29-2014 06:23 PM

Just gave the dogs a 1/4 of their normal meals(raw beef, egg, kept it simple). Neither are drinking much. Will give 1/2 a few hours from now and then finish off the last 1/4 about an hour before bed. Allie spunked right up after the meal, acting 100% now. I really really hope it was just a nasty stomach cramp. She has been passing gas a good bit, that has to feel good.

BowWowMeow 03-29-2014 07:14 PM

Activated charcoal and Gas-X. I keep both on hand. Hope it was just bad gas!

TAR HEEL MOM 03-29-2014 08:01 PM

How much gas-x would one use with a 80-90 pound dog? I bought gas-x a while back to have on hand but never remembered to ask the question here. I hope Alli is fine brembo...they worry us so much sometimes don't they? While we are at it someone tell me how to use the activated charcoal also..please? And would you use both if you suspected bloat?

gsdsar 03-29-2014 08:31 PM

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I start with 2 Gas-x. Have been known to give a third if I am still worried.

Can't answer about activated Charcoal, never used it before for this purpose.

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Anubis_Star 03-30-2014 04:33 AM

If you EVER suspect bloat, never guess and just give medication to wait it out and see. Vet immediately. There's no way, without doing xrays, to tell if it's simple bloat or an actual gastric torsion (stomach flips), and if it is a flipped stomach (GDV), then the dog will die without surgery. I had a german shepherd patient die on the operating table one time, it's stomach had likely been flipped for a couple hours and was completely black and necrotic. We tried to flip the stomach back around and as soon as the doctor touched it the dog coded.

A large dog can get 1 human dose of Gas-X to help relieve gas. If you suspect your dog is bloated, you can give 2 doses and then rush to the vet. Bring along any medications you gave so the vet can read the labels and see the doses used.

Other symptoms of GDV include retching - one of the biggest symptoms - dog appears like it's trying to vomit but can't, obvious distended stomach (but I've seen a few rare cases where the stomach didn't swell), hunched back due to pain, discomfort in general, restless, unwilling to lay down.

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