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EmilyB 03-27-2014 03:33 PM

TTA Surgery for older GSD?
Hi there - was hoping to get some input on a possible TTA surgery for Carson who is 9 years old.

A little history, he had a TPLO in 2010 here in Calgary. It was done by Dr. Embleton (Helivet).

Carson now has a back problem, a bit of arthritis in the elbows and wrists, and problems with his other knee. The CCL tear is "chronic partial" according to our vet. We were going to perhaps start some cold laser next week.

During his visit to the vet Tuesday for another treatment on his rectal adenoma, his knee was manipulated.

Carson has been on Gabapentin 300mg BID, and the vet has increased that to 600mg BID, which we are just trying to start slowly.

However the pain seems worse, he hasn't been outside at all today, and it is getting very hard to get him to eat (and get meds down). He can't be pilled.

Hence, I am starting to think we have to try something.

Are your experiences that the TTA would be easier for an older dog to recover from?

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