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Ellimaybel 03-27-2014 01:02 AM

Car Sickness
The first time Gunther rode in the backseat of the car was only a 2 minute ride. On the way back he got sick and threw up all over the place. I felt bad for him and it was not fun to clean up. I'm hesitant to try again and am even contemplating giving him the front seat. Any suggestions as to help with motion sickness would be greatly appreciated.

***Beth*** 03-27-2014 10:54 AM

My dog did this. Cleared right up when I made sure to crack a window an inch or two while driving. I guess the different air pressures outside and inside the car messes with their inner ears and can make them sick. If this doesn't stop it, it may be an anxiety thing and a DAP collar or spray may help. There's other medicines you can try to help with motion sickness but I'm not remembering them off the top of my head.

Liesje 03-27-2014 01:27 PM

Use a crate with some old towels in it so movement is restricted and also contains the mess. I had a puppy for a while that would sometimes throw up if he'd eaten within an hour before going in the car and putting a towel over the crate helped, couldn't get motion sick from looking out the window. Many will grow out of it pretty quick.

Ellimaybel 03-27-2014 01:49 PM

Thank you for your input

TigervTeMar 03-27-2014 01:57 PM

not sure if this will help with motion sickness but you can give him something called 'rescue remedy'. i haven't tried it but I'm going to this weekend when we go on a 2-3 hr trip. it's supposed to help relax them, all herbal ingredients, so maybe with your guy if he's calm or napping he wont be sick.

Zeeva 03-27-2014 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by Liesje (Post 5278546)
Many will grow out of it pretty quick.


Mine grew out of it, so if your pup is young, I wouldn't rob him of a car ride experience. And I also suggest waiting a while after eating if he is going to go for a car ride.

When Zeeva would get car sick she'd salivate like crazy and that's when I knew to bring out the baggie...

I wouldn't put a dog in the front seat though.

RiverDan 03-27-2014 02:18 PM

Baron used to get car sick. I think its not uncommon. For us, I started putting him on the front passenger floor board. I would use treats to get him there. (I think it made him think it was his decision) We also made the trips very short, with happy endings. Is. walks, hikes etc.
The car sickness went away. I truly believe he was so happy to go somewhere he forgot to vomit.
He now loves the truck.

Cara Fusinato 03-27-2014 06:00 PM

For a pup -- stick with it. They usually grow out of it. My Shay barfed often when young and his equilibrium kicked in and he grew up loving car travel. Crating with towels you can pull out and replace, not feeding before travel, allowing windows down some and vents blowing also helps a lot.

If it continues -- it's likely anxiety. My sheltie is horrible. She will throw up. She drools so bad we travel with a rain slicker on her. Rescue remedy, ginger, Benaryl, no help. She starts drooling if we head towards the car. The only thing I haven't tried that people suggest is a Thunder Shirt. She had a bad former life (puppy mill breeder) and she was taken to a groomers for nails & shaving or to the vet. Nothing else. It's really sad to watch. She loves being places for training, outtings, visiting family. She just hates getting there. It's really a challenge to return from training since treats are given and the tummy is not empty. We haven't thrown up in the last 6 trips and I count that a major triumph.

Don't stop taking the pup. Keep at it so he outgrows it. Take him lots of fun places so that the car means going someplace happy (not just the vet's and grooming and boarding and such).

Daisy 03-27-2014 08:20 PM

Mine grew out of it. Got her when she was about a year old and couldn't drive far at all. Then within the year she was over it. Hopefully your GSD will as well.

TigervTeMar 03-27-2014 08:48 PM

mine grew out of it too. regularly go for short trips to somewhere fun like a park. for my guy literally one day he moaned and whined and the next he was jumping to get in when we walked past my car, I wasn't even planning on going for a ride. a very pleasant surprise

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