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Longfisher 03-07-2014 03:09 PM

Bulge on Elbow
My Zeus has just developed a bulge on his left elbow, front leg.

It's about the size of an egg if you include the underlying bone and muscle. It doesn't envelope all of the leg at the joint, just mostly the back of the elbow.

It does not appear to hurt and can be manipulated and palpated without any indicating of pain. And, the dog readily lays on a hard surface using the elbow and it's bulge as support for his weight.

Any thoughts what this might be?


Baillif 03-07-2014 03:18 PM

How large is he? Spending lots of time in crates or on hard floors?

Blanketback 03-07-2014 03:27 PM

Maybe a lipoma, a fatty deposit?
Lipomas in Dogs: Benign Fatty Growths

My brother's dog had one for years, and was only removed because it got so big they worried about it. But they did have it checked out right away when they noticed it. I'm sure you'll be doing the same. Good luck with Zeus, and hopefully it's nothing to worry about.

Baillif 03-07-2014 03:47 PM

Was thinking more hydroma

Longfisher 03-07-2014 05:39 PM

Zeus was about 102 lbs. the last time we went to the vet.
But we've recently put him on half rations to try to take some weight off him. So, he's probably under 100 now but not much.

He's one of the giants and his Sire is 145 and the dame 125.

The mass is about the size of an egg if you include the bones and flesh of the leg which it surrounds.

He does lay around a bit. And, he chooses to lay on the cool concrete of the back patio and on the cool tile in the house most day unless it's cold. But his outside pen has straw bedding in it about 15 inches thick and his inside, night crate has a large pillow in it.

I'll look up hydroma as it does seem to be fluid filled.



Baillif 03-07-2014 05:48 PM

Yeah its sounding like big dog problems.

my boy diesel 03-07-2014 06:43 PM

as many joint issues as giant breeds can have you may want to have it checked to rule out elbow dysplasia

Longfisher 03-11-2014 04:14 PM

The painless mass simply reabsorbed on its own.


David Taggart 03-11-2014 05:43 PM

Many dogs develop these hard tissue spots on their elbows due to the way they lie down. Some of them do it gently and slowly, some of them just drop their body down on the ground like a sack of potatoes. And, if the surface is hard, they develop these "camel hard spots" on elbows. Though, in your case, not the skin apperance, but the size of an egg would worry me. I do not know if skin cancer can occur due to a mechanical coercion in case he has hurt himself on something sharp, whether it could be some infection.

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