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rherzog 02-28-2014 10:13 PM

Dog drinks excessively and will not eat his food
Need help!
I have a 12 month old German Shepherd dog that has symptoms that I have never dealt with in my experience with dogs. Ever since I brought my dog Zeus home with me at 8 weeks of age he has constantly been obsessed with drinking water. As soon as I let him out of his kennel each morning he will run straight to the water bowl and wait with anxiety until I give it to him, which he will down the whole thing as though he's never had water in his life. That is how he is like all day, and I have to watch very carefully how much he consumes because I'm afraid he will turn his stomach and kill himself.

The next very aggravating problem is that he will not eat, or barely. For all of my dogs that I owned, I had them on a feeding schedule, morning and night, 20 minute intervals at each time. And that is how I feed Zeus. In the morning I feed him 2.5 cups of food, and set a timer for 20 minutes. If he doesn't eat it, I take it away until dinner, and repeat the above process. He will barely eat, and most of the time he sniffs it walks away and then lays down, not interested. I have become so aggravated that I have gone to adding wet dog food, milk, cooked chicken breast, etc. but he will barely eat or not eat at all. I am very worried and stressing out over this dog and have no idea what to do next. I don't know if he might have a disease (diabetes?) or what not, (he has had these problems his whole life) but I am at the end of my rope. I am planning on showing him in AKC dog shows this year but cannot if he won't eat and gain weight with the necessary proteins and nutrients needed for a growing puppy... If ANYONE has any clues as to what might be going on please fill me in!

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NancyJ 02-28-2014 10:26 PM

Multiple copies of same post. Lets reply to THIS one and I have notified on the others.

Have you taken this dog to a vet and done a blood panel, urinalysis, and exam?

rherzog 02-28-2014 10:43 PM

I haven't done any testings yet... Up until a short while ago I honestly thought that he had a "control," or mental problem with eating because he would eat everything off of my plate if I gave him a chance. He sits in front of me begging while I eat my human food but will not touch his.

NancyJ 02-28-2014 10:47 PM

It definitely sounds like a vet trip is in order with the excessive drinking.

rherzog 02-28-2014 10:50 PM

I agree. I am going to get him tested here within the next week. I was hoping to find someone who has had similar issues or a similar experience so they could inform me on what might be going on.

BowWowMeow 02-28-2014 11:07 PM

Please get blood work done immediately. The first thing that came to my mind was kidney disease. Hopefully that's not it but both of those things are symptoms of kidney disease. The next thing I thought of was EPI. That will not show up with regular bloodwork--you need to get a TLI done.

How are his poops?

sparra 02-28-2014 11:20 PM

What's his condition like?
Does he have access to water overnight in his kennel so he is not super thirsty in the morning?
Kidneys was my first thought so a trip to the vets for some blood work would be first thing I would do.

selzer 02-28-2014 11:39 PM

I agree to check him out at the vet.

I would probably try drowning his food in water once and see what he does, will he just drink the water off, and leave the food?

rherzog 02-28-2014 11:54 PM

His bowel movements are fine and very regular and he is going to the bathroom regularly. When he was a small puppy he couldn't control his bladder and would pee everywhere when he got just a little bit excited but now he's doing better, and regularly peeing.

He is given as much water as he needs during the day then he is told to kennel up for the night without access to food or water. That's how I've raised all of my dogs, and the others weren't half as parched as he is.

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rherzog 02-28-2014 11:55 PM

Already tried the drowning with water, and he reacts the same way as if it were his normal dry food. He is to the point of becoming way too picky to eat anything.

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