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danieldust 02-28-2014 08:00 AM

Itchy Skin
My GSD has recently been itching like crazy, to the point were he's loosing fur. We used to live in Germany and he had no problems there, but once we moved to Florida he started itching like crazy. I give him baths every month and let him swim at the beach weekly. I feed him normal Pedigree dog food. I also checked whether there are any fleas and ticks. His shots are also up-to-date. Any Suggestions? Thanks!

Momto2GSDs 02-28-2014 08:35 AM

I'd switch to a high quality - non-grain food and treats:
ACANA REGIONALS (grain free): Acana Regionals | Acana Store locator: Store Locator | Acana

FROMM'S FOUR STAR (grain free):
Four-Star Gourmet Recipes for dogs - Fromm Family Foods Internet locator: Internet Retailers - Fromm Family Foods

Bravo Bonus Bites: are 100% all meat, and made from all natural, antibiotic-free, grain free meats and organ meat protein sources.
Example: "Dry Roasted" Buffalo Liver: Ingredients Grass-fed buffalo liver.
"Freeze Dried Treats" - Venison Liver: Ingredients Grass-fed venison liver.

Bravo Training Treats:
Made from 100% muscle and organ meats and real Vermont Cheddar Cheese. Contain no grains, fillers or unnecessary additives of any kind.
Example: "Turkey Bites" - Ingredients: Turkey thigh meat.
Example: "Trail Mix" - Contains the following - Ingredients: Turkey Bites: turkey meat . Usually available at "Pet Supply Plus" chain stores. Find a location:
Pet Supplies Plus : Home Page

Also, Oils are important for healthy skin.
Wholistic, Wild, Deep Sea Salmon Oil: The Wholistic Pet
• Provides levels of both omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids
• Natural, pure oil is made only from wild, non-farmed salmon and stabilized with natural antioxidants
• Helps to maintain a healthy skin and coat and promote strong immune, cardiovascular, and nervous systems
**Free of All Pollutants & Heavy Metals (Very important)

Coconut Oil: Add 1 tsp. of organic coconut oil for every 10 to 20 pounds of body weight to your dogs’ food. Besides promoting a good balance of organisms in the intestines, it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties and helps with itching!
The Wholistic Pet
*100% Certified Organic, super-premium, extra virgin and non-genetically engineered.
Or you can purchase Organic, Virgin, Non-GMO, NO Hexane from your local health food store.

If you do decide to switch food, wean slowly off of current food on to the new food to prevent gut upset. Same is true with the oils. Start with very small amounts and work up to recommended dosages.

Good Luck!

aqueous18 02-28-2014 09:21 AM

Agree with the better food choice. Also bathing monthly seems a little excessive for a GSD. Consider doing waterless baths in between full baths every 6-8 weeks. Over bathing can cause skin to dry out and become itchy. And you mentioned letting him swim at the beach weekly. Maybe the salt water is drying his skin out as well?

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Freestep 02-28-2014 11:03 AM

Do you rinse the salt out of his coat after letting him swim in the ocean? Salt can definitely dry out skin and make it itchy. I don't think bathing monthly is too much if you are using a mild dog shampoo, what kind of shampoo are you using? And I agree with switching him to a better dog food, something with a higher fat content, and adding some fish oil capsules to his food certainly wouldn't hurt.

danieldust 02-28-2014 04:37 PM

Hello Guys, Thanks for the quick response. I rinse the salt off of him once we get home from the beach, It depends which shampoo I use, but I mainly use Isle Of Dog Shampoo. I've been feeding him pedigree since he was eight weeks old and haven't had any problems, but I'll search for one with more fat. The weird thing is that he got itchy right when we moved to Florida. Should I put Anti-Histamine in his food?

TANDB 02-28-2014 05:10 PM

I'd try salmon oil or coconut oil before antihistamines, and I agree with a better food.

Harry and Lola 02-28-2014 05:38 PM

What Moms said

And try and switch him to a better quality food, look for one with 'meal' as the first ingredient, eg chicken meal, lamb meal, beef meal etc.

I have had great success with coconut oil, it really does help them, look for an organic virgin coconut oil

Nyx 02-28-2014 08:53 PM

I had a friend who lived in Florida and she told me that the ocean water gets these "flea's" and they bite you when you swim. Some times people are told not to even enter the water because of them.

I agree with every one about slowing the bathing down, rinsing after ocean swims and better quality food.

Please let us know how your puppy does.

danieldust 02-28-2014 09:23 PM

Hi Guys, I just bot some fish oil and I'm adding antihistamine to his food. I'm looking for a better food, but I can't find the one I had in Germany. Any Suggestions on what food I should use? Thanks for all of the help!

sehrgutcsg 03-04-2014 09:53 PM

Not to rock the boat here - but when you try two different things at one time - you do not know which item works - if you try the antihistamines for a week and you see some progress great but, if you try both you have no clue as to which item is helping.. I always would try something natural before medicating and I do not bath my dog that often. The oils in the skin or being dried from the ocean water and the bathing.

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