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Newpuppyowner 02-26-2014 02:42 AM

My Parvo Puppy - (9 weeks old)
I would love some advice.

Our journey with Parvo started a few weeks ago. We made the decision to bring into our family a beautiful female 8 week old GSD puppy. I am a single mum with 2 daughters,,, it was a big decision to make and we were over the moon excited to bring her home. 17 hours after she arrived to our home, she got terribly sick,,, lots of vomiting, bad smelly diarrhoea, lethargy and loss of appetite not to mention she wouldn't take fluids by herself. We took her to our local volunteer animal welfare clinic (we live in a developing country,, its the only option we have) where the vet told us they felt it wasn't anything serious,,, and possibly due to the raw sausage we gave her. They did mention Parvo,, but the breeder we bought her off was reputable and they felt it wasn't an issue,, they didnt test her. She was on a drip for 5 hours and we were allowed to take her home. 2 days later she was admitted to the clinic and passed away less than 24 hours later. We were devastated.

The breeder told us he would replace our puppy when we were ready. We were told her sister from the same litter was still available so 5 days later we picked her up,, brought her into our home. She was such a barrel of fun and a massive amount of energy when she came to us :) WE picked her up last Sunday,,, 5 healthy days,, then on Saturday she got sick. We came home after our working day and the sitter told us she was lethargic all day,, and had vomited.. I panicked and rang the vet,, couldn't get hold of them. They rang me the following day and told me to bring her in. Sunday the volunteer staff stabilised her, by giving her fluids through her mouth and syringe. Monday morning she was diagnosed with Parvo and put on a IV. We were gutted and then we all realised the first puppy must of had it and now it was in our yard.

Since then, Daisy has been in the clinic on and off the IV fluids, is on several medications including antibiotics. I read last night that Tamiflu could assist so they introduced her to 10 mg twice a day,, starting today. They have allowed her to come home tonight as no one supervises the animals overnight and she is the only one in isolation. She is home,, on a IV drip again and I am boiling chicken on the stove,, (will puree and syringe a little into her tummy via her mouth)

Is there anything else I can do while she is in my care overnight?

Curtis 02-26-2014 03:56 AM

Sorry to hear what you've been going through. I really hope your puppy recovers quickly.

There are a couple of good recent parvo threads documenting what some others have been going through with plenty of advice.

I'm not sure how to link those threads, but you can just search the forums for parvo.

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tottie86 02-26-2014 05:40 AM

I am so sorry to hear about your puppies. Hope this puppy recovers quickly! Please keep us updated!!

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mcdanfam 02-26-2014 05:49 AM

I have no advice....just heartbroken for you....:-(

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RebelGSD 02-26-2014 01:54 PM

I am so sorry, I hope your pup gets well. Unfortunately parvo was in your home, and she probably picked it up there. The parvo virus can survive outside of the host for months. There were quite a few parvo threads here with a lot of good advice, you can use the search option to find them.

Newpuppyowner 02-26-2014 02:08 PM

Thank you,, I feel like I have been up all night researching,, not much more I can do other than hydrate. Her IV slipped out from movement and I pureed the chicken meat and stock,, but she seems to have thrown it up. She is back at the animal clinic in a hours time.. so hopefully they will put her back on IV fluids. No eating :(

BUT: its now day 5 and she is still up walking around,, and follows me.. sleeping lots but the first pup was almost gone by this stage,,, we are hopeful that she pulls through... 3 weeks ago I had never heard of PARVO,, now I am consumed with knowing more. A horrible thing it is .

Thank you everyone :)

RebelGSD 02-26-2014 02:19 PM

Fluids can be administered subcutaneously as well, in case of need.

Nyx 02-27-2014 02:53 AM

I am not a Vet.


Clean everything.

The previous puppy introduced the virus into your home and your yard.

Bleach is the best option. Even bleaching the yard.

Because that virus can live for years in the ground( and anything else that has been exposed) and can potentially get your older dogs sick too.

I saw an Alaskan show and they used bleach in their food because they did not have a vet any where near them and they feared losing ALL the dogs before a vet could be flown to or in. I don't readily advise feeding it to your pups, but, you can ask the vet and see if they recommend a viable dose.

But I do know you need to sterilize everything and bleach is the only thing that will definitely kill Parvo.

Newpuppyowner 02-27-2014 04:00 AM

Today is she is worse. She seems to have develop fluid or swelling in her leg and upper joint area.. She was not put on IV today by the VET and was told that she hadn't vomited and only released one runny stool... but when I got her home,, she has done 2 watery stools and vomited twice and its only been within 2 hours.. I keep giving her 10 mils of water every 30 mins,, and a teaspoon of pureed chicken every 2 hours. I am trying to get her energy back.. she is very very flat tonight,, less energy than yesterday.. She has that look that my last puppy did in her final hours,,, I just want peace for her or health.. this in-between is just cruel.. :(

Newpuppyowner 02-27-2014 04:02 AM

Yes we have been bleaching everything including towels sheets,, anything she touches or comes in contact with.. We don't let her in the yard and tonight she hasn't left her bed...

Thanks so much for all your advice

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