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JenniCB 02-22-2014 12:33 AM

We have elbow dysplasia and HOD
Well yesterday turned out to be an interesting day. We have been suspecting elbow/hip dysplasia in our puppy Penny as she has been limping and walking strange for a couple of weeks. Since she was due to be spayed yesterday they also xrayed her. We saw Penny's X-rays and whilst her back legs are fine (yay!) there are a couple of problems with her front legs. Elbow dysplasia and Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy. The HOD (inflammation in the growth plates in her wrists for those who don't know what it is....I didn't) is in both wrists and also explains why she has been sleeping more and off her food lately. Apparently it should clear on it's own (though could take weeks). We are going to try anti inflammatories to help but only every second day as they upset her tummy.

As for the elbow dysplasia she has the UAP kind (Ununited Anconeal Process....the growth plate that should have fused by now hasn't). This is in the left elbow and may require surgery to pin it back together. For now he wants to see if the HOD clears up and if the lameness then goes away. He wants to re xray in a month. He doesn't seem too fussed about surgery unless Penny actually shows any symptoms that can be associated to the UAP and not the HOD. Not sure what I think about this (there is a very definite gap on the X-ray...surely it needs fixing??) but I guess we'll be seeing him again in a month and Penny is still young. Does anyone think I should let the breeder know about the elbow dysplasia? Does anyone else have experience with UAP and could give me your opinions on surgery or just any general information? Any experience with HOD?

Also (just because I need to vent) whilst Penny was under anaesthetic at one vets, I was at another vets facing another drama. You see I recently took Amy to this vet to be bathed etc. Whilst there I fell for a beautiful little kitten up for adoption. I was hooked. The next day we paid $173 for what I believed was a vet checked kitten who had been wormed etc and microchipped, as well as that cost covering her next vaccination and sterilization. So even though we had decided we weren't as keen on this vets anymore and had moved Penny to another, I need to stay with them for Amy (the kitten) till the vacc and sterilization have been done since they are already paid for. So I take her in for the vacc but first the vet listens to her heart, and listens and listens, then scoops her up looking guilty and rushes off to see her boss. It seems Amy has a heart murmur! The vet wants her boss to come see me but it seems she is "too busy" but she sends the message back that it wasn't there when she first checked Amy therefore they aren't financially liable. Like she can remember back that far!! The vet looked very apologetic and guilty. Amy is supposed to be sterilized soon but that may need to be delayed if she has a heart problem. So the boss was meant to ring me back yesterday with a plan (ie when do we re check tho she is 5 months old now so it's unlikely to go away, do we ultrasound and do we delay the spaying). I have heard nothing! So not happy.

So as a first time pet owner we have had rotten luck with both our pets. Apparently ED is more common in males and Penny is female and heart murmurs aren't common and less so in cats than dogs. Needless to say these may be our first and last pets.

Thanks for listening,


tottie86 02-22-2014 02:45 AM

So sorry to hear about penny. I would definitely contact the breeder and let them know what's going on.

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wolfstraum 02-22-2014 07:49 AM

So sorry that both your pup and kitten are not 100% healthy....

Given the circumstances of the kitten....I would have her checked again .....but this time, make sure the kitten is relaxed and not acting stressed....I have seen vets jump the gun on cats who are stressed and think they have heart problems when the cat is just stressed vet had my cat get an echo cardiogram he thought the heart was so bad when I worked at Penn Vet....I had to wait for over an hour in the room and by the time it was done, there was no evidence of anything was stress that caused the erratic heartbeat. Not saying it is or isn't with your kitten but as the vet who examined her seems to be a bit.....erratic....worth rechecking....

And yes, the breeder should know about the ED....


pam 02-22-2014 11:11 AM

If your pup needs the nonsteroidals on a more regular basis to decrease the pain and inflammation, you might check with your vet about giving her an H2 blocker (i.e. one of the OTC drugs like Pepcid)--I also had a dog with severe elbow dysplasia/arthritis (developed MRSA in the elbow immediately postop) who required the analgesics for quality of life and that combination worked for her for over 9 years until she died of other causes. It is my understanding that the surgery for UAP usually goes very well, and I wish you the best.

Harry and Lola 02-22-2014 06:02 PM

So sorry to hear about Penny's ED, hopefully with careful management she won't require surgery and with the HOD, Harry had this when he was about 6 or 7 months and it did clear up as far as I know but if I remember it took a couple of months. With both conditions, I would keep Penny's weight lean, do not over exercise her, don't allow her to jump or sprint with sudden stops. I know it is hard, but I had to completely rest Harry for weeks without exercise, I used to take him for car rides and put some of his food in treat puzzles so he had to work to get his food - exercised his brain!

It is also a good idea to give her some supplements, Glyde for dogs is a good one as it has both Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Green Lipped Mussel GLYDE® FOR DOGS

Took me 2 vets to finally get the right one, with the kitten vet I'd never go near them again and tell everyone you know about your experience - word gets around.

Also, I would let the breeder know of Penny's ED. They should take notice and consider whether to breed their bitch and/or dog again. Hopefully you will receive a good response from them and not what I experienced when I told Lola's breeder of her HD - he blamed me for it, told me I kept her too overweight (I disagree) and that I must have over exercised her so it is my fault, this infuriated me and I wrote him a very truthful letter to which he has never responded to. The reason why his blaming me made me so mad is because a couple of months before Lola was diagnosed with HD, he told me one of Lola's litter sisters owners had called him to tell him she has HD and he was really annoyed and told me he didn't believe them. Well when you have 2 litter mates ending up with HD, the likely hood of environmental issues being solely to blame is imo wrong. However, this breeder refuses to believe there is nothing wrong with the dam or sire and breed these 2 again!!!!! Anyway, tell your breeder and do not allow them to make you feel as if you have done anything wrong.

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