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Luxie 02-17-2014 12:20 AM

Bilateral carpus injuries and hip dysplasia
Our sweet Luxie will be 3 on 02/23! 6 weeks ago we took her to MSU vet school for evaluation of her front wrists and her hips.

She has bilateral carpal injuries. The surgeon performed aspirate of joint fluid from both front carpi (wrist). The fluid from the right joint was normal but Dr. Fisher stated she is was more painful upon palpation in the right wrist. The left wrist joint fluid was indicative of osteoarthritis. Both of the carpal injuries are assumed to be from sprains that never completely healed; therefore, leading to arthritic changes in the joint. For this, we have cage confined her for almost 6 weeks now in hopes that the injuries will heal. We have ordered her the Carpo Flex X wraps from Therapaw to provide her support for both legs as we start to house confinement stage now.

Along with the wrist injuries, we got some other disappointing news. We have known she has bilateral hip dysplasia but we thought we caught it early (she was about 1 when we discovered this) and have been giving her Dasuquin daily since then. But Dr. Fisher, the surgeon, stated that her hip dysplasia in her right hip is already classified as severe and the left is mild. So a total hip replacement is in our future.

Dr. Fisher explained that the cage confinement, to promote the healing of her carpal injuries, is not good for her hips but that the main goal right now is to better the wrists and watch how the hips do. After 5 weeks of confinement, we noticed quickly that her hips were much weaker and losing muscle mass. She has having trouble going from a lying position to standing-- she has to move very slow to balance on her hips. She slips and falls now which has never happened before. So… we have gone from cage confinement to house confinement now in hopes to not lose her hips.

We think that the total hip replacement will be much sooner than later. My husband and I are just looking for advice/information on anyone that has suffered similar injuries. Really would just love to discuss this with others!

Any info would be fabulous! Thanks so much. We love our Luxie more than words can explain and just want her to be happy and healthy!

Mary Beth 02-17-2014 09:46 PM

Poor Luxie - wrists and hips problems for such a young dog. From the threads that I have read, the surgery for the hips can be very effective. Here is a recent thread on a gsd going thru the surgery

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